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Vegas Laws on Crimes Against Public

Vegas Laws on Crimes Against PublicWithin the state of Nevada, there are many behaviors that have been criminalized because of the risks that those particular behaviors present. In some cases, behaviors have been made illegal because they threaten the administration of justice or put specific victims at risk of particular harm. In other circumstances, however, conduct is illegal because it puts the public as a whole at risk or creates a dangerous environment.

When the behavior is illegal because of the risk it presents to the general public and to good order, the legal definition of the offense can be found within Chapter 202 of the Penal Code in Title 15. Chapter 202 of Title 15 is the part of Nevada’s law that establishes the definitions of crimes against public health and safety.

Within Chapter 202, specific types of crimes against public health and safety are divided into different subcategories of offenses. For example, there is a subcategory related to tear gas and weapons; and there is a subcategory related to alcohol.

There is also a subcategory where miscellaneous crimes concerning public safety are defined. The offenses within this category are all grouped together because each of the different crimes presents a threat to society. Many of the offenses found within this subsection of Chapter 202 are considered to be serious crimes and penalties that are imposed can be harsh, so it is important to take charges seriously if you have been accused of a crime classified as a miscellaneous offense against public safety.

LV Criminal Defense can help you to understand the specific requirements regarding what a prosecutor must prove for you to be convicted of a miscellaneous crime against public safety. Our legal team can also provide help in developing a sound legal strategy for responding to charges with the goal of avoiding conviction or reducing penalties. To find out more about how a Vegas criminal defense lawyer at our firm can help you, give us a call today.

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Nevada Laws on Crimes Against Public Safety

The section of Chapter 202 that defines miscellaneous crimes concerning public safety includes Nevada Revised Statute section 202.500 through Nevada Revised Statute section 202.595. These statutes address a variety of different criminal offenses including the following:

• Unlawful acts related to dangerous or vicious dogs.
• The direction that doors of public buildings must swing.
• Reckless riding or driving of horses on public streets or on public highways.
• Dangerous exhibitions
• Placing lethal bait in public locations
• Requirements to remove doors from discarded refrigerators or iceboxes.
• Rules against leaving children unattended in motor vehicles, and exceptions to those roles.
• Removal or destruction of signals or apparatuses that notify police or fire departments.
• Impairing the protections provided by fire protection systems or installing inoperable systems for fire protection.
• Removing, damaging, or destroying property for the purposes of obtaining scrap metal.
• Directing a laser light at an aircraft with the intent to interfere with the aircraft.
• Performing any act or duty in a manner that willfully or wantonly disregards safety.
• Neglecting any act or duty in such a way that expresses willful or wanton disregard for safety.

Each of these different statutes both sets forth the specific things that a prosecutor must prove in order to secure a conviction for the particular offense and establishes the penalty that can be imposed upon a defendant if the defendant is convicted of that particular crime.

For example, the law related to the removal of refrigerator and icebox doors mandates that when a refrigerator or an icebox is discarded in a place that is accessible to children, the doors must be removed if the refrigerator or the icebox has a capacity of 1.15 cubic feet or more. The law also mandates the removal of the doors of refrigerators or icebox of this size that are no longer used under any circumstances where the refrigerator or icebox is in an individual’s possession. Failure to remove the doors from a refrigerator or icebox that isn’t used, or that is placed in a location accessible to children, can result in a fine up to $500.

The law related to the placing of lethal bait on public domain, on the other hand, specifies that a conviction can result in a misdemeanor criminal offense. This offense involves placing public bait within three miles of any place of habitation, regardless of whether that place is occupied or vacant. The offense also can occur if lethal bait is placed in any location unless it is marked clearly by a post extending at least four feet of the ground with the uppermost 8 inches painted red and with a sign stating that lethal bait is present.

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An experienced attorney can provide help understanding the specifics of the particular public safety crime you have been accused of committing so you can understand both the elements of the offense as well as the penalties imposed.

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When you’ve been accused of a miscellaneous crime against public safety, you can avoid conviction by raising affirmative defenses or by introducing reasonable doubt regarding your guilt. LV Criminal Defense can help you to determine if fighting charges is likely to result in favorable outcomes given the nature of the crime you have been accused of and the prosecutor’s evidence against you.

Our legal team can also provide you with help in negotiating a plea agreement with a prosecutor that could result in a reduced charge or lesser penalty if you don’t want to try to fight charges.

In every circumstance, the goal is to help you to get the most favorable possible outcome when you are facing charges that could potentially result in jail time and leave you with a criminal record.

To find out more about how Nevada criminal defense attorneys can help you to respond when you’ve been accused of a miscellaneous crime against public safety, give us a call today.


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