Federal Defense Attorneys Explain Terrorism Crimes

Nevada Defense Lawyer Explains Laws on Concealed FirearmsTerrorism has become a major global problem and the United States takes terrorism extremely seriously. There is a very stringent and narrow definition of exactly what terrorism means and if your conduct is found to fall within that definition, you should be aware that you could face some of the most serious federal charges that exist in the United States.

Your future, freedom, and life could be at stake if you are accused of terrorism and many defense attorneys simply have no experience providing the type of assertive, knowledgeable representation necessary to respond to terrorism charges.

You need a lawyer with detailed knowledge of terrorism laws, experience defending clients in the federal criminal justice system, and an unparalleled ability to take on tough cases.

LV Criminal Defense is here and ready to help. Our federal criminal defense attorneys have actually represented clients accused of terrorism offenses so we have real-world knowledge of how federal prosecutors handle terrorism cases. We know the law inside and out that applies in these difficult cases and we are prepared and ready to stand up for you as you face charges that could reshape your life.

Our legal team provides representation to clients in California, Arizona, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, or surrounding areas, and we are ready to go to work for you today if you need help fighting terrorism charges. To find out more about the assistance we can offer, give us a call now.

Federal Laws On Terrorism

Terrorism offenses are defined in 18 U.S. Code Chapter 113B. There are 22 different statutes within 18 U.S. Code Chapter 113B that define terrorism offenses impose penalties, or otherwise establish federal rules and regulations related to terrorism. However, one of those statutes has been repealed. The remaining federal laws in 18 U.S. Code Chapter 113B that deal with the offense of terrorism include the following:

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  • 18 U.S. Code section 2331 – Definitions
  • 18 U.S. Code section 2332 – Criminal penalties
  • 18 U.S. Code section 2332a – Use of weapons of mass destruction
  • 18 U.S. Code section 2332b – Acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries
  • 18 U.S. Code section 2332d – Financial transactions
  • 18 U.S. Code section 2332e – Requests for military assistance to enforce prohibition in certain emergencies
  • 18 U.S. Code section 2332f – Bombings of places of public use, government facilities, public transportation systems and infrastructure facilities
  • 18 U.S. Code section 2332g – Missile systems designed to destroy aircraft
  • 18 U.S. Code section 2332h – Radiological dispersal devices
  • 18 U.S. Code section 2332i – Acts of nuclear terrorism
  • 18 U.S. Code section 2333 – Civil remedies
  • 18 U.S. Code section 2334 – Jurisdiction and venue
  • 18 U.S. Code section 2335 – Limitation of actions
  • 18 U.S. Code section 2336 – Other limitations
  • 18 U.S. Code section 2337 – Suits against Government officials
  • 18 U.S. Code section 2338 – Exclusive Federal jurisdiction
  • 18 U.S. Code section 2339 – Harboring or concealing terrorists
  • 18 U.S. Code section 2339A – Providing material support to terrorists
  • 18 U.S. Code section 2339B – Providing material support or resources to designated foreign terrorist organizations
  • 18 U.S. Code section 2339C – Prohibitions against the financing of terrorism
  • 18 U.S. Code section 2339D – Receiving military-type training from a foreign terrorist organization

Each of these different statutes provides important details on how federal terrorism cases are prosecuted. For example, 18 U.S. Code section 2338 explains circumstances under which cases must be prosecuted by the federal government because federal authorities have been vested with exclusive authority to handle that particular type of criminal conduct while 18 U.S. Code section 2339B explains the offense of providing support to foreign organizations that have been designated as terrorist groups.

LV Criminal Defense can work closely with you to understand the nature of the charges against you. Prosecutors have to prove each element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt, so you do not have to show you are innocent of the charges. Instead, you simply must be able to raise questions about whether the prosecutor has conclusively proved each and every element of the terrorism offense you have been accused of committing.

There are many ways to raise doubts if you decide that you want to fight the federal terrorism charges that could derail your future, and a federal defense lawyer can help you to explore your options for poking holes in the prosecutor’s case.

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Getting Help from a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Terrorism is one of the most serious offenses you could be accused of committing, so if you are charged with any of the terrorism offenses found in 18 U.S. Code Chapter 113B, you need to ensure you are represented by a federal criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with the law and who is ready to fight for you.

LV Criminal Defense is one of an elite group of law firms that have handled cases involving defendants convicted of involvement with terrorism. We understand the applicable laws and have a track record of successfully helping clients to avoid a guilty verdict or reduce penalties for serious federal offenses. We know how prosecutors handle terrorism cases and we can bring our extensive experience with these types of crimes to work on your case.

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