LV Criminal Lawyer Explains Parole and Probation Officers

LV Criminal LawyerUpon conviction of a criminal offense, you may be sentenced to probation or a suspended sentence. This means you won’t go to jail for the crime you’ve been found guilty of, unless you violate your probation and the court decides to imprison you. If you’ve been sentenced to probation, you need to know what is required and expected of you do so you do not jeopardize your freedom.

Parole is similar to probation, in that you are also supervised and must comply with certain requirements to avoid penalties, up to and including incarceration. The big difference is, parole happens after you’re released from incarceration while probation or a suspended sentence happens instead of incarceration.

LV Criminal Defense helps you to try to avoid being put on parole or probation, because we assist you in trying to avoid conviction. However, if you decide to plead guilty or you are not acquitted in trial, probation or a suspended sentence may be your best option- and we’ll fight hard to convince the court that probation is appropriate instead of jail time. Once you are on probation or parole, we also help you to understand and comply with your obligations so you don’t end up in more trouble.

Among the many things you need to know about parole and probation in Nevada is: who exactly is your parole and probation officer and what does your parole and probation officer do? To find out the answer to this question and to get legal advice on all other important issues related to criminal cases in Nevada, call a Vegas defense lawyer today.

Who is a Parole and Probation Officer?

When you’ve been sentenced to parole or probation, you will be under the supervision of a parole and probation officer. A parole and probation officer can also make recommendations about whether a defendant faced with charges should be sentenced to prison or should be given the opportunity to remain free on probation.

The specifics of what a parole and probation officer will do can vary depending upon the circumstances. Parole and probation officers may impose a curfew on defendants; may conduct warrantless searches of a parolee or person on probation at any time of the day or night; and may require and administer certain tests such as drug or alcohol tests.

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A parole and probation officer may have to approve housing where certain defendants will live; and may have to approve volunteer work or positions of employment before a defendant begins work. Sex offenders are subject to the most restrictions, generally, but parole and probation officers will tailor their requirements to the specific offense and the terms and conditions which were set by the court.

Because parole and probation officers have so much power, it is important to understand exactly who these people are. N.R.S. 176.050 defines “parole and probation officer” to include the “Chief Parole and Probation Officer or an assistant parole and probation officer appointed in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 213 of N.R.S.

Chapter 213 of N.R.S. Says a chief parole and probation officer is appointed by the Director of the Department of Public Safety, who should choose someone to serve as the Chief on the basis of training; experience; interest in correctional services; and capacity. A Chief also should have three years of leadership experience in correctional programs and at least five years of total experience in correctional programs.

The Chief Parole and Probation officer has the responsibility to appoint supervisory personnel and other assistants and employees to carry out the responsibilities of the Division of Parole and Probation.

Getting Help from a Vegas Defense Lawyer

LV Criminal Defense can help you to argue for probation or a suspended sentence, and can help you to deal with your parole and probation officer. Give us a call as soon as possible if you’re involved in any criminal case to find out more about the assistance that we can offer.

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