Nevada Laws on Reckless Horse Riding

Horse RidingThe state of Nevada aims to protect public safety and health by defining offenses against public safety and health in Chapter 202 of Title 15, which is Nevada’s penal code. There are many different kinds of behaviors that are considered to present a risk to public health and safety that have been made illegal within Chapter 202, and these offenses are divided into different subcategories of crimes within the chapter.

There is one subcategory in Chapter 202 that contains a list of miscellaneous offenses against public health and safety. Each of the statutes within this subcategory defines a particular type of behavior that is against the law and establishes a specific penalty for that particular crime. One of the crimes made illegal is recklessly riding or driving a horse on a public street or on a highway.

If you have been accused of recklessly riding or driving a horse on a public street or a highway, you can be convicted of a serious criminal offense and you could potentially face jail time for your conduct in addition to being left with a criminal record. You need to ensure that you understand what a prosecutor would have to prove to secure a conviction against you and you need to be proactive in fighting charges in the most strategic way possible to avoid or lessen penalties.

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Nevada Revised Statute Section 202.530: Reckless Riding or Driving of a Horse on a Public Street

The statute within Chapter 202 that criminalizes reckless riding or driving of a horse on a public street or highway is Nevada Revised Statute section 202.530. According to N.R.S. 202.530, it is illegal in the state of Nevada to ride or drive a horse on a public highway or to ride or drive a horse in a public street in any manner that is likely to endanger the safety or life of any other person who is on the public street or on the public highway.

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If you rode the horse on the highway and cut in front of a car, causing that vehicle to slam on its brakes, this would be an example of a situation where you recklessly caused a risk that was likely to endanger the life and safety of others.

N.R.S. 202.530 also makes it unlawful to ride or drive a horse on a public street or highway in such a way that you create or participate in causing a noise, disturbance, or other demonstration that is calculated or intended to frighten, intimidate or disturb any person.

The offense of reckless riding or driving of a horse on a public street is a misdemeanor offense under N.R.S. 202.530. However, the statute makes clear that the provisions of the law do not apply to peace officers who ride or drive horses while carrying out their official duties as a peace officer nor does the law apply to a peace officer who is responding to an emergency call, who is in hot pursuit of a suspected violator of the law, or who otherwise determines that noncompliance is necessary to carry out his duties.

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