Willfully poisoning water or medicine, adulterating food

Vegas Defense Lawyer Explains Poisoning Water Crimes

Willfully poisoning or adulterating food, water or medicineThere are certain behaviors that have been criminalized in Nevada because of the danger those behaviors present to others. Offenses are divided up into different chapters of Title 15, which is the Nevada penal code. Chapter 202, for example, is the chapter of Title 15 that defines crimes against public health and safety. If a behavior has been made illegal because it’s dangerous to the health of the public in the state of Nevada, the definition of the crime is likely found within Chapter 202.

In Chapter 202, offenses are further broken up into different subcategories, with one particular subcategory detailing crimes classified as miscellaneous offenses. These are crimes that are detrimental to the safety of the public at large, but that don’t fit into another specific category, such as crimes connected to alcohol or crimes connected to weapons.

One of the crimes considered a miscellaneous offense is a crime of willfully poisoning or adulterating food, water, or medicine. If you are accused of this offense, the penalties can be very serious so you should reach out to a Vegas defense attorney to get help fighting charges. LV Criminal Defense has a long and successful track record of representing clients in cases related to crimes against public health and safety. We know the provisions of Nevada Chapter 202 very well and can put our extensive experience to work to help you develop and implement a legal strategy. To find out more about how our firm can help you, give us a call today.

Nevada Revised Statute Section 202.170: Willfully Poisoning or Adulterating Food, Water or Medicine

The offense of willfully poisoning or adulterating food, water, or medicine is defined in Nevada Revised Statute section 202.170, which is one of several statutes in the subsection of Chapter 202 detailing miscellaneous crimes.

According to N.R.S. 202.170, it’s illegal to willfully mingle poison, glass, razor blades, or other harmful substances in any food, drink, or medicine that is prepared in order to be consumed by a human or that is intended to be consumed by a human. It’s also illegal to willfully poison springs, wells, or other water reservoirs.

Violating this law by acting willfully to poison or adulterate food, water, or medicine can result in life-changing criminal penalties if you are convicted. The offense, as defined by N.R.S. 202.170, is a Category B felony. The minimum punishment imposed for a conviction under the statute is a two year period of imprisonment. If convicted, the maximum prison term is 15 years. The conviction could also mean a fine of up to $10,000, in addition to the prison term.

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A felony offense can impact you long after you are out of prison, affecting your rights and making it difficult to find employment. You need to try to fight these serious charges, which means understanding what a prosecutor must prove and what defenses are available to you.

A prosecutor has to prove willfulness to secure a conviction against you, which means the prosecutor has to show that you acted on purpose to mix the poison or dangerous substance with food, water, or medicine. You don’t have to prove innocence, but simply have to introduce reasonable doubt about any element of the crime in order to get acquitted.

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LV Criminal Defense can work on your behalf to help you fight felony charges if you’ve been accused of violating N.R.S. 202.170 by willfully poisoning or adulterating food, water, or medicine. You should give us a call as soon as you’ve been accused of this crime so we can stand up for your rights during an investigation and so we can fight to get the case resolved as quickly and effectively as possible with the minimum in consequences. To find out more about how a Vegas defense attorney at our firm can represent you, give us a call today.

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