NRS 213.1243 – Release of a Sex Offender: A Program of Lifetime Supervision; Required Conditions of Lifetime Supervision; Penalties for Violation of Conditions; The Exception to Conditions

Prisoners sentenced to sexual offenses are eligible for parole, but this does not mean they will have the ability to return to their old life. For example, convicted sex offenders who are paroled will be a liifetime of supervision pursuant to NRS 213.1243.

Lifetime Supervision Deemed as a Form of Parole

Lifetime supervision is determined as parole for;

  1. Minimal reasons for the applicability of subsection 9 and subsection 2 provisions
  2. Reasons for revised Nevada statute according to NRS 213.215 of the law.

Following NRS 213.1245, the Board also requires the person on parole to:

  • Only reside at a location that has been approved by the officer assigned to him or her by the Division.
  • Only reside at a location that is not situated within 1000 feet of a place or a structure.
  • Be placed under an active electronic monitoring system as directed by the Chief.
  • The probation officer must at all times be informed of the parolee’s location.
  • Consult his or her probation officer concerning any employment or volunteer position. Such positions must be approved by the assigned probation officer before the parolee can embark on the work.
  • The paroled person must also abide by any curfew imposed by his or her assigned probation officer during the period of parole.

According to NRS 213.1243, the Board shall require the sex offender to be within 500 feet of any structure unless otherwise recommended by his or her probation officer or psychiatrist.

In the case where a sex offender is convicted of an offense listed in NRS 213.1255 subsection 6 against a minor below the age of 14 years, the offender requires lifetime supervision as a Stage 3 offender.

Electronic Supervision as part of the Lifetime Supervision Program

According to subsection 1 of Nevada revised statutes, the established life supervision program shall include a stated period of digital or electronic supervision. Electronic supervision, in this case, is conducted with an electronic device as directed by the Division. This electronic device is closely monitored by an assigned agent from Division. This device aims at recording and transmission of the parolee’s presence at his or her selected location during the period of release.

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The device should record and transmit oral communications as well as any other audio sound in and within the parolee’s residence at all times.

A person who intentionally disables or tampers with the electronic monitoring device is considered to have committed a serious offense according to NRS 213.124.

Regulations to the Prisoner

The prisoner must not come to contact with any victim of the sex offense or any witnesses to the case. Furthermore, any violation of conditions imposed is regarded as a felony and shall lead to imprisonment for not less than one year and a maximum term of not more than one term.

Intentional disabling of the electronic monitoring device is shall lead to punishment according to the law. Finally, offenses during the lifetime supervision period shall be heard by a legal court under the jurisdiction where the offense took place.

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