Vegas Criminal Lawyers Explain Forfeiture of Explosives

Nevada prohibits certain types of conduct in connection with explosive devices. If you are found to have violated the law, you could face serious penalties. Laws on explosives and bomb threats are found within Chapter 202 of Title 15, which is Nevada’s penal code chapter that details crimes against public health and safety. An entire subcategory of Chapter 202 is devoted specifically to crimes involving explosives and bomb threats.

One of the statutes within the subsection on explosives and bomb threats establishes the rules for when explosives can be seized and when a defendant is considered to have forfeited explosives that belong to him or that are in his possession. Seizure of explosive devices can lead to serious and costly penalties, and seizure often occurs in connection with criminal charges, so it is a serious legal matter if your explosives are seized and forfeited.

LV Criminal Defense can provide help to you if you are accused of a crime related to explosives. We can help you to defend against criminal charges, to determine if the seizure was proper, and, in appropriate cases, we can help you to try to fight to get your explosives back. To find out more about the assistance our Nevada defense attorneys can provide to you when you are accused of a crime related to explosives or when you are facing the possibility of seizure of explosives, give us a call today.

Nevada Revised Statute Section 202.770: Seizure and Forfeiture of Explosives

The statute addressing the circumstances under which explosives can be seized is found in Nevada Revised Statute section 202.770. According to N.R.S. 202.770, an explosive that is involved in a violation of N.R.S. 202.750 through N.R.S. 202.840 is subject to seizure. Explosives can be seized if they are actually used as part of a violation of N.R.S. 202.750 through 202.840, and can also be seized if they are intended to be used in violation of these statutes. If explosives are intended to be used in violation of any other law or ordinance in Nevada, the seizure is also permitted.

N.R.S. 202.750 through N.R.S. 202.840 addresses many different issues in connection with explosives. For example, N.R.S. 202.760 details circumstances when shipment or receipt of explosives is unlawful if the shipment or receipt is made or received by persons prohibited from having explosives, such as individuals who have been judicially declared to be mentally ill.

N.R.S. 202.780 prohibits the transport or receipt of explosives under certain circumstances, and N.R.S. 202.810 makes it a crime to unlawfully possess explosives in state buildings. N.R.S. 202.820 also prohibits the possession or use of explosives while committing a felony, and N.R.S. 202.830 prohibits the use of explosives to unlawfully destroy or damage property.

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This means if you possess explosives when you are not permitted to if you unlawfully transport or receive explosives if you use explosives to destroy property, or if you use or possess explosives while committing a felony, those explosives could potentially be subject to seizure under N.R.S. 202.770. You could also face additional penalties in connection with the underlying offense, such as the use of the explosives while committing the felony.

Getting Help from a Nevada Criminal Lawyer

A Nevada criminal lawyer at LV Criminal Defense can provide you with help understanding the underlying crime that you are accused of that results in the potential seizure of explosives. Our legal team can help you to evaluate the evidence against you, understand what the prosecutor must prove to secure a conviction, and determine the best way to respond to serious charges.

Depending upon the circumstances, you may decide to plead guilty or fight for an acquittal. LV Criminal Defense can help you in any situation where you are facing charges, and we can provide assertive, skillful legal representation in connection with any offenses related to explosives. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help.

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