Unlawful transfer or assignment of right or interest in motor vehicle; penalty

Vegas Defense Attorneys Explain Unlawful Transfer of Vehicles

In the state of Nevada, Chapter 205 of Title 15 sets forth criminal conduct related to various types of property. The statutes within Chapter 205 are intended to help protect property rights, and to impose penalties upon individuals who violate those rights.

There are many different kinds of property crimes that could take place in Nevada which have been made illegal by the statutes within Chapter 205 of Title 15. Because there are so many different kinds of property crimes, Chapter 205 is divided into different subcategories of offenses, including one subcategory devoted to crimes against motor vehicles.

Within this subcategory, there are various crimes defined that a defendant could be convicted of committing if the defendant engages in unlawful activities such as stealing a car or using a car to commit a crime. There is also a statute that criminalizes the unlawful transfer or assignment of a right or interest in a motor vehicle.

If you have been accused of this offense or any other offenses that are unlawful according to Chapter 205 of Title 15, you should be represented by a Nevada defense attorney who is very familiar with laws on property crimes. LV Criminal Defense is here to help you.

Our dedicated and experienced legal team will work closely with you to determine if the prosecutor has a strong case and to help you decide how to plead to charges related to the unlawful theft or assignment of rights or an interest in a motor vehicle. We can also provide representation and assistance making arguments if you go to court, and help negotiate a plea agreement on your behalf if you decide to admit guilt.

To find out more about how our firm can assist you in taking appropriate action in response to accusations that you committed any property crime, including offenses connected with motor vehicles, give us a call today.

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Nevada Revised Statute Section 205.2747: Unlawful Transferring of A Motor Vehicle

The statute that addresses the unlawful transfer of assignment of rights or interest in a motor vehicle is found in Nevada Revised Statute section 205.2747. According to the relevant law, any person who is not a party to a lease contract, retail installment contract or security interest, is not permitted to transfer or assign any right of interest in a motor vehicle subject to the contract or security agreement if the contract or agreement prohibits such a transfer to someone not originally in the contract.

Anyone not party to the contract or security interest is forbidden not only from transferring or assigning a right or interest in a leased vehicle, but is also forbidden from purporting to transfer or assign a right or interest in the vehicle. An individual who disobeys this rule and who transfers or purports to transfer rights or interests could face charges for engaging in the transfer for compensation or any items of value. The statute also prohibits anyone from helping, causing, or arranging for another person to violate the rules found within N.R.S. 205.2747.

If a defendant violates this rule and attempts to transfer or assign a right or interest in a motor vehicle, the defendant can be charged with a gross misdemeanor offense for the violation.

Getting Help From Vegas Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you are facing possible arrest or conviction for unlawful transfer or assignment of rights or interest in a motor vehicle, you should reach out to LV Criminal Defense today for our help. A Vegas defense lawyer at our firm can put extensive legal experience with property crimes to work on helping you navigate the criminal justice system. To find out about the ways in which our legal team can assist you in responding to charges of any violations of Chapter 205, including N.R.S. 205.2747, give us a call today.


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