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Las Vegas Defense Attorneys Explain Larceny OffensesNevada law prohibits individuals from taking property that does not belong to them. Different kinds of property crimes, including theft and unlawful takings, are defined within Chapter 205 of Title 15, which is Nevada’s penal code.

Chapter 205 details all of the different kinds of criminal conduct that the state of Nevada has classified as crimes against property. The offenses within Chapter 205 are further divided into subcategories, including one subcategory related to property crimes in connection with motor vehicles. If you’ve been accused of taking a car that does not belong to you, you will be charged under the statutes found within this subchapter.

LV Criminal Defense can help if you’re charged with a motor-vehicle related offense made illegal under Chapter 205 of Title 15. We understand the laws on property crimes and have successfully defended many clients accused of crimes related to the unlawful taking of vehicles. To find out more about how our Vegas criminal lawyers can put our extensive experience to work to help you fight charges, give us a call today.

Nevada Revised Statute Section 205.2715: Unlawful Taking of a Vehicle

The offense of unlawful taking of a vehicle is defined in the Nevada Revised Statute section 205.2715. According to the relevant law, you can be charged with unlawful taking of a vehicle if you take and carry away or drive away in a vehicle that belongs to someone else without the consent of the person who owns the vehicle but also without the intent to permanently deprive the owner of the vehicle.

This offense, in other words, is the crime you will be charged with if you took someone’s car without permission but intended to return it rather than intending to steal the car and never bring it back to its rightful owner.

If you are found to be driving someone’s car or if you are found to be in possession of someone else’s car without the permission of the owner of that vehicle, this possession without consent is considered to be sufficient evidence to infer that you took and carried away or drive away from the vehicle without consent. In other words, the prosecutor doesn’t have to specifically prove anything else in order to show that you engaged in the unlawful taking of a vehicle because it can be inferred from the fact that you have the car without permission that you took the car and violated the law.

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For purposes of this statute, the vehicle is defined broadly to include every device that a person or property could be transported in or upon on a public highway, waterway, or airway except for devices that use stationary rails or tracks or except for devices that are moved exclusively by human power.

If you are found to have unlawfully taken a vehicle without the consent of the owner but without the intent to permanently deprive the vehicle owner of that vehicle, you will face charges for a gross misdemeanor under N.R.S. 205.2715. This means that you could be looking at a lengthy jail sentence and a fine if you are convicted of this serious criminal offense. While not as serious as a felony, a gross misdemeanor can still impact your future in profound ways.

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Nevada criminal defense attorneys at LV Criminal Defense will help you to respond to accusations of unlawful taking of vehicles and we will help you to develop a legal strategy after you are charged. Whether we negotiate a favorable plea deal on your behalf or present a compelling case for acquittal, our goal is always to help you face the minimum penalties associated with motor-vehicle related crimes. To find out more about how we can help, give us a call today.

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