Nevada Defense Lawyers Define Crime of Tampering with Vehicle

In Nevada, protections are put in place to ensure that individuals do not commit property crimes. There is an entire chapter of Title 15, Nevada’s penal code, that deals with property crimes. That chapter, Chapter 205, is divided into different subcategories based on different kinds of property offenses defendants could potentially be accused of committing.

One of the subcategories in Chapter 205 defines different kinds of criminal conduct in connection with motor vehicles. Stealing a car or assigning an ownership in a car without lawful authority are a few of many examples associated with crimes related to vehicles. However, defendants can also be charged with another vehicle-related offense: causing injury to a vehicle or tampering with a vehicle.

If a defendant has been accused of causing injury to a vehicle or tampering with a vehicle, it becomes imperative for that defendant to take appropriate action to fight these serious charges. LV Criminal Defense can help. A Vegas defense attorney at our firm can work closely with you to determine how best to respond to accusations, so give us a call as soon as possible if you’ve been accused of a crime related to damaging a vehicle.

Nevada Revised Statute Section 205.274: Injuring or Tampering With a Vehicle

The Nevada law that deals with injuring or tampering with a vehicle is found in Nevada Revised Statute section 205.274.

According to the relevant statute, you could be charged with this crime if you willfully break, injure, tamper with, or remove any vehicle parts either by yourself or acting with others. The prosecutor must prove you removed, tampered with, broke or injured the vehicle parts for purposes of defacing a vehicle, destroying a vehicle, or temporarily or permanently preventing vehicle operation. A prosecutor could also secure a conviction if the prosecutor can prove you removed, tampered with, broke, or injured vehicle parts without the consent of the owner or to willfully and maliciously interfere with the operation of the vehicle. If the prosecutor can prove the case against you, you could be convicted of a crime, with the specific penalties imposed based on the value of the loss that resulted from your actions.

Nevada Revised Statute section 205.274 also makes it a crime to climb into or onto a vehicle without the consent of the owner or the consent of the person in charge of the vehicle with the intent to commit any crime, malicious mischief, or injury.

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The statute also criminalizes an attempt to manipulate any starting device, the starting crank, the starting levers, the brakes, or any mechanism of a vehicle in order to set the car in motion. If a defendant takes action to set a car in motion without the consent of the person who is in charge of the vehicle, or if a defendant enters a car without the owner’s permission to commit a crime or engage in mischief, the defendant can be charged with a misdemeanor criminal offense.

There is, however, an exception, as an individual cannot be charged for these actions if the individual acted in an emergency, in furtherance of public safety or convenience, or while under the direction of an officer or other person regulating traffic or performing an official duty. Outside of these circumstances, a defendant could face serious penalties for interfering with a vehicle, even if the car is at rest.

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