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In the state of Nevada, there are many different kinds of conduct that have been defined as criminal. Nevada’s Penal Code, which is found in Title 15, is divided into different chapters based on different kinds of crimes defendants could be accused of committing. One of these chapters, Chapter 205, relates to property crimes.

Within Chapter 205, different kinds of property crimes are further divided into different subchapters including one subchapter related to offenses involving motor vehicles. Many different kinds of behavior in connection with motor vehicles has been made illegal within this subchapter, including laws related to offenses involving stolen vehicles.

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Nevada Revised Statute Section 205.273: Offenses Involving Stolen Vehicles

Nevada addresses offenses involving stolen vehicles in Nevada Revised Statute section 205.273. According to the relevant law, a defendant can be found guilty of committing an offense involving a stolen vehicle if the individual receives or transfers possession of a vehicle from one person to another with the intent to procure or pass title to the vehicle despite knowing the vehicle is stolen.

A defendant could also be found guilty of an offense involving a stolen vehicle if that individual has a motor vehicle in his or her possession that the individual knows, or has reason to believe, has been stolen.

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However, none of the provisions of this statute apply to an officer of the law who is engaged in the performance of his duty as a peace officer at the time the stolen vehicle is received, transferred or possessed.

Outside of this exception, a defendant with a stolen vehicle in his or her possession or a defendant who receives or transfers a vehicle despite knowing it is stolen can be found guilty of a serious crime under N.R.S. 205.273. A violation of the law in this statute related to offenses involving stolen vehicles can result in a defendant being charged with a category C felony.

The offense is considered even more serious if the vehicle is a valuable one. If the prosecutor is able to prove the value of the vehicle involved is $2,500 or greater – which is very common since most vehicles do cost at least this much – then the defendant who is accused of an offense involving the stolen vehicle can be charged with a Category B felony and can face penalties including a minimum of one year imprisonment and a maximum of 10 years imprisonment along with a fine of up to $10,000.

In addition to the other penalties associated with offenses involving stolen vehicles, defendants can also be required to make restitution if convicted of violating the laws set forth in N.R.S. 205.273. This means that the defendant could be forced to provide compensation to the owner of the vehicle that was stolen, which could involve a substantial amount of money.

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