NRS 211.115 – Overview of How a Local Facility for Detention is Established in Nevada

Chapter 211 of the Nevada Code is focused on local facilities designed for the detention of individuals convicted of various criminal offenses. This Chapter includes provisions governing the creation, management and oversight of county jails, related facilities, the management of prisoners, credits that can be applied towards prison terms, the electronic supervision of inmates, and other important issues.

NRS 211.115 specifically addresses the appointment of an administrator who can oversee a detention facility. Let’s explore this topic further.

The Establishment of a City Jail

As a county grows, it might find a need for more law enforcement. As such, it may establish a city police force in highly populated cities. Furthermore, those cities might see a demand for more room to board prisoners than the county can provide. According to NRS 211.115, the governing body of any city can establish a jail or department of detention in connection with a metropolitan police department and place an administrator over it.

What is a Metropolis?

A metropolis is not just a very large city. To be classified as a metropolis, this large city must be a substantial political, economic, and cultural center for a region or county. It must also be a vital hub for international or regional commerce, connections, and communications. Besides this, this large city must be of significant size, housing at least 50,000 residents.

How Big is Nevada?

Nevada has a population of 3.09 million people. The rural areas like Ely, Tonopah, and West Wendover only hold a small percentage of this 3.09 million. In fact, just one metropolitan area alone and probably the one you’d be the most familiar with – Las Vegas Metropolitan Statistical Area holds about 75% of Nevada’s population!

How Big Are the Metropolises?

The largest individual metropolises in Nevada are:

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  • Las Vegas – 664,304 people;
  • Henderson – 317,248 people;
  • Reno – 259,019 people; and
  • North Las Vegas – 252,169 people.

Metropolitan Statistical Areas

However, America is starting to speak in terms of Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA), which is a little different. With an MSA, the metropolis is only a part of a bigger metropolis. It’s an area with a large city at its center and close economic ties spanning throughout the rest of the area.

As such, Reno and Sparks are joined together with their smaller townships to make the Reno-Sparks, NV MSA. Las Vegas, Paradise, and Henderson join forces to create the Las Vegas Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Statistical Area Jails

For the purposes of time and space, I can’t cover the bail and release procedures for each city jail in Nevada, but I’m going to quickly cover those in the Las Vegas MSA.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Jail

Address: 3141 Sunrise Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone: (702) 828-3111


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The City of Las Vegas Detention Center

Address: 3300 Stewart Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Phone: (702) 229-6444


Posting Bail

You’ll find the bail window on the side of the building facing Stewart Street. The police department keeps it open for inquiry 24 hours a day. At the bail window, you can find out if your friend or family member is in custody, what his charges are, his next court dates, and what his bail amount is.

Inmate Release Times

Release times could be from six to sixteen hours after the bail is posted. It depends solely on how busy the jail is and what state of security the jail is currently in.

The City of North Las Vegas

The City of North Las Vegas also houses their prisoners at the City of Las Vegas Detention Center mentioned above. The procedure for posting bail, however, is different.

Posting Bail

If you or your loved one were charged in the North Las Vegas Municipal Court, you’ll need to call (702) 633-1130 from Monday through Thursday between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM. You could also walk into the court to pay. The address is 2332 Las Vegas BLVD, Suite 100, North Las Vegas, NV 89030.

If you or a loved one were charged in the North Las Vegas Justice Court, you’ll need to call (702) 455-7802 from Monday through Friday between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Or you could walk into the facility at 2428 Martin Luther King BLVD, North Las Vegas, NV 89032.

After hours, on the weekends, and the holidays, you can pay your bail/bond for either court at the City of Las Vegas Department of Public Safety. Their address is 3300 Stewart AVE, Las Vegas, V 89101. You can call them at (702) 229-6460.

The City of Henderson

Henderson Detention Center

Address: 18 E Basic, Henderson, NV, 89009

Phone: (702) 267-5245

Phone: (702) 267-4612


Posting Bail

If you or a family member get arrested in Henderson, anyone can post bail at the Henderson Municipal Court or Henderson Justice Court Monday through Thursday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. They are at 243 Water St, Henderson, NV 89015.

If you’re not able to make it to one of the courts during business hours, you or your loved one can be bailed out at the “Jail bail gate.” The “Jail bail gate” can be found behind the courthouse on S Texas Avenue.

Release Times

After you or your loved one pay the bail, if everything goes smoothly, you can expect to be released at the next release time: 3:00 AM, 9:00 AM, or 9:00 PM. Depending on the time you or your loved one are processed, it can be hours after the bail is paid before release.

Boulder City Jails

Boulder City NV Police Jail

Address: 1005 Arizona Street, Boulder City, NV 89005
Phone: (702) 293-9224


Posting Bail

You or your loved one can be bailed out of jail through the Boulder City Municipal Court on Monday through Thursday from 7:00 AM through 6:00 PM. The Municipal Court is at 501 Ave G, Boulder City, NV 89005. They can be reached at (702) 293-9278 for more information.


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