Nev. Rev. Stat. § 211.060. Detention of United States prisoners in county jails

A man being arrested and handcuffedThe detention of United States prisoners in county jails occurs subject to a contract between the United States and the county jail.  If such a contract runs out, then a prisoner may be transferred pursuant to Nev. Rev. Stat. § 211.060.

Nevada Revised Statutes § 211.060 governs the detention of United States prisoners in county jails.  It provides that if a contract has concluded between the United States and the sheriff of a county where any person in imprisoned, the person may be committed under the authority of the United States to any county jail.


Payments to be Made Before Detention in County Jail

Prior to commitment to the subsequent county jail, the payment of the following must be made:

(a) All actual and reasonably necessary costs of his or her confinement, including the direct cost of his or her support and an allocated share of the cost of maintaining the jail and guarding the prisoners, as compensation to the county for the use of the jail;

(b) All legal fees of the jailer.

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The exact statutory language of Nev. Stat. § 211.060 can be found under Nevada Revised Statutes chapter 211, her


Terms of Confinement

Once a transfer is approved and all appropriate payments are made, the sheriff shall receive such prisoners, and subject them to the same employment, discipline and treatment, and be liable for any neglect of duty as in the case of other prisoners, except the county is not liable for any escape.


Other Circumstances in Which a Prisoner May Be Committed to Another County Jail

Nev. Rev. Stat. § 211.080 provides for circumstances under which prisoners may be removed to another county jail if the sheriff thinks it expedient for any sufficient cause to remove the prisoner from the jail in the sheriff’s county.  Upon the consent of the sheriff or the sheriff’s duly authorized representative of any other county within the State, the sheriff of such other county may permit such prisoner to be removed to the jail in his or her county.

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Once removed, the prisoner shall be detained there in the same manner and by the same process as in the jail from which the prisoner was removed, until remanded back by a similar process or discharged according to the law.  The county from which the prisoner was removed shall be responsible for all expenses of removing and maintaining the prisoner that are incurred.

The exact statutory language of Nev. Rev. Stat. § 211.080 can be found in Nevada Revised Statutes chapter 211, here.


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