Vegas Criminal Lawyer Nick Wooldridge Unveils Governor’s Arrest Warrants for Extradition

The state of Nevada has adopted the Uniform Criminal Extradition Act and codified the Act in N.R.S. 179.177 through N.R.S. 179.235.  In the majority of states in the U.S., this Act sets forth the procedures and protocols when someone flees a state to avoid prosecution for a felony offense or when someone flees a state to avoid providing testimony during criminal proceedings.

There are many different rules set forth within this Act, including requirements for how demands for extradition must be made and instructions for when and how a so-called fugitive from justice could be arrested for coming to Nevada while felony charges are pending in a different state. It is important to understand the extradition rules, and to know when you could be subject to arrest, if there is a possibility that you are at risk of being prosecuted for a felony outside of Nevada.

LV Criminal Defense has extensive knowledge of extradition laws within the state of Nevada and can provide you with advocacy and representation if you are at risk of extradition. We also represent all defendants facing criminal charges in Nevada, including defendants charged with felonies that are considered serious charges.

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Warrant of Arrest for Extradition

Nevada Revised Statute section 179.191 explains when a governor can issue a warrant of arrest for a person who another state wants to try for a crime.

According to the relevant statute, the governor can issue a warrant for an arrest after a valid demand for extradition has been made. A valid demand for extradition generally has to be in writing and should include the legal paperwork necessary to show that a defendant is actually facing felony or other serious charges in a different jurisdiction.

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When a demand is made, the Governor doesn’t have to just automatically comply and extradite the person who is allegedly a fugitive from justice. Nevada’s laws allow for the Governor to have prosecutors and/or the state Attorney General, conduct an investigation into the demand.  If the governor does determine the demand is valid, however, then the Governor should comply with Nevada’s laws to facilitate the process of extraditing the fugitive and delivering the fugitive to agents of the state which had sought extradition.

Under N.R.S. 179.191, the law requires that a state governor sign a valid warrant of arrest after deciding the demand to extradite should be complied with. The warrant for arrest has to be sealed with the state seal and it must be directed specifically at a person or at a peace officer that the Governor determines is fit to execute the warrant.

The warrant has to recite the facts that are necessary in oder to demonstrate that it is a valid warrant, and a copy of the warrant, or an abstract, must be sent by any type of electronic device to the person who is vested with carrying out the arrest.

Once a fugitive who is facing extradition is arrested, that person may be delivered to duly authorized representatives of the state which made the legally-valid written demand for the extradition to take place.

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