Time Limits for Arrest to be Extradited in Nevada N.R.S. 179.211

Nevada has laws on extradition which specify that the Governor of the state of Nevada can issue a warrant for an arrest of a person who is facing serious criminal charges in a different state.

The state in which the individual has been charged with a crime must submit a written demand to the Governor, who can order Nevada prosecutors to conduct an investigation, if desired. The Governor can determine the demand is valid, either with or without an investigation, and can issue an arrest warrant. A peace officer or other person in Nevada can subsequently arrest the person who is facing charges in a different state.

In some circumstances, however, the arrest of the person who is facing extradition does not occur within the time period that is specified in the Governor’s warrant. In situations where an arrest does not occur within the designated time specified in the warrant, Nevada law may sometimes allow more time for an arrest to take place.

If you are facing arrest, if Nevada is trying to extradite you, or if you are otherwise worried about criminal accusations made against you, you need to talk with a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer about your legal rights.

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Nevada Laws on Time Limits for Arrests in Extradition Cases

Nevada Law section 179.211 establishes rules for the timeline of arrests in extradition cases. According to N.R.S. 179.211, if the individual who the Governor has issued a warrant for is not arrested under that warrant before the expiation of the time specified in the warrant, then a judge or magistrate can discharge or the judge or magistrate can recommit the accused for an additional 60 day period of time.

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N.R.S. 197.211 also specifies that if an accused person is not arrested within the time specified in the bond, then the magistrate or judge can either discharge the accused or can again allow the accused to post bail on condition of surrendering. If this occurs, the time period in which the person must be arrested also must not exceed 60 days after the date that the new bond is issued.

Because it is possible for the magistrate or the judge to extend time limits for arrest, you should be aware that you could face continuing legal problems even if no action is taken against you within the original amount of time that is specified by the warrant that was issued by the governor or within the original amount of time specified in the bond.

Having the ongoing threat of arrest hanging over your head can be very stressful. You should have an experienced attorney representing you to protect your legal interest for as long as you are involved in criminal proceedings and you should ensure that you keep in regular contact with your lawyer about time limits and new developments that could affect the legal outcome of your case.

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