Vegas Lawyer Explains What Occurs After Extradition to Nevada N.R.S. 179.233

Lawyer Explains What Occurs After ExtraditionIf you are charged with committing a criminal offense within the state of Nevada and you then leave the state and go elsewhere, you could be extradited. Extradition is a formal legal process that occurs during which a request is made to law enforcement officials in the location that you fled to after leaving Nevada.

Upon the submission of a legally valid extradition request, authorities in the state where you fled will turn you over to authorized agents of Nevada so you can be returned to this state to stand trial.  You also have the option to waive formal extradition proceedings.

When you are returned to Las Vegas following extradition, you must be prepared to deal with the legal consequences of the charges that prompted the state of Nevada to ask another jurisdiction for your return. You must understand what is involved in fighting criminal charges in a strategic way and must make smart plans to try to avoid being found guilty of a criminal offense that could derail your future.

LV Criminal Defense will help you to be proactive after you have been returned to Nevada though extradition or through waiver of an extradition process. We will explain how the laws work to apply to you, and what happens next when it comes to the criminal charges that you face.

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Criminal Charges After Extradition

After you have returned to Nevada following extradition, the state can move forward with prosecuting you for any and all of the charges that you faced before you fled the state and went to a locale you had to be extradited from.

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Nevada Revised Statute section 179.233 also explains that the state is not limited only in pressing charges against you for the specific wrongs that you allegedly committed before leaving the state.

According to N.R.S. 179.233, if you are brought back to Nevada after extradition, you can be charged with any and all other offenses that you committed in Nevada, in addition to the charges that were listed in the request for extradition. This is true regardless of whether you actually were extradited as a result of formal legal proceedings or whether you waived your right to extradition proceedings.

Waiving your right to extradition proceedings does not make you immune from being prosecuted for any criminal charges that could arise from your conduct. The fact that the state of Nevada may have only provided information about specific pending charges when requesting your extradition also does not make you immune from prosecution for any other crimes, nor does it suggest in any way that Nevada won’t prosecute you for any and all offenses that it is believed you may have committed within the state.

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Las Vegas defense attorneys at LV Criminal Defense know the laws on extradition that apply in Nevada. We provide representation to clients who have been accused of breaking the laws of other states and who are now faced with extradition in Nevada. We also represent defendants who were accused of wrongdoing in Nevada and who now face charges in the state after having fled to another locale and then returning to the state because of extradition.

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