A Nevada Defense Lawyer Explains Pregnancy & the Death Penalty

When someone is sentenced to death, there are certain reasons for a stay of execution. A stay of execution means that the state of Nevada does not move forward with the execution process. One of the reasons why a stay of execution may be granted is if the person who has been sentenced to death is pregnant. A person who is pregnant will not be put to death, because it is necessary to preserve the life of the child.

There are specific procedures which have to be followed in Nevada if a person has been sentenced to death and there is a reason to suspect pregnancy. Understanding these rules is just one of many things that is important for someone who is facing a death sentence. Knowing the Nevada procedural rules throughout a capital case is important to try to look for every opportunity to save your life, and you should have an experienced legal professional providing you with assistance and advice.

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Investigation of Pregnancy in Death Penalty Cases

Nevada Revised Statute 176.465 provides details on what happens when a person who has been sentenced to death is believed to be carrying a child. According to the relevant law, it is the director of the Department of Corrections who should take action. The Director who the female death row inmate was delivered to for execution should petition a judge in the district court of the county where the prison is located. The submitted petition must be in writing and must clearly make an allegation that the defendant is pregnant.

The court has to respond to the petition by scheduling a hearing and by summoning a jury made up Procedure When Jury Unable To Reach Unanimous Verdict of three doctors who will acquire into the alleged pregnancy. Immediate notice of the hearing has to be provided to the District Attorney and Attorney General in the county where the defendant had been convicted of a crime and sentenced to death. If the execution would normally take place before this hearing, the court has to issue a stay of execution. This suspends the process so the execution does not move forward until a determination is made on pregnancy.

At the hearing to determine pregnancy, the three physicians who were appointed by the court have to provide written verification of their findings on whether the defendant is pregnant or not. If it is found that the female defendant is not pregnant, the execution of judgment of death must forward. If a stay had been issued, the judge needs to follow the proper procedure for a new warrant to be issued.

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If the female defendant is found to be pregnant, the judge will enter an order staying judgment of the execution until she is not pregnant any longer. When the female defendant is no longer pregnant, the Director has to provide notice of this fact and the stay of execution will be vacated.

Getting Help from a Las Vegas Defense Lawyer

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