NRS 209.071 – Overview of Correctional Institutions in Nevada

NRS 209.071 defines “institution” as a prison designed to house 125 or more offenders within a secure perimeter. There are multiple correctional institutions currently operating in Nevada.

Summary of the Correctional Facilities Currently Operating in Nevada

  • ESP – Ely State Prison
    • Ely State Prison is a maximum security facility located in White Pine County Nevada. It can currently house approximately 1,185 adult male inmates.  Ely State Prison participates in the Nevada Prison Industries employing inmates in the production of draperies, which are used internationally.  Offenders can earn a GED and adult basic education while serving their sentence.
  • FMWCC – Florence McClure Women’s Correctional Center
    • Florence McClure Women’s Correctional Center is located in Las Vegas. It was a privately run institution until 2004 when the Nevada Department of Corrections took over operations. The current capacity of this facility is 950 adult females.
  • HDSP – High Desert State Prison
    • High Desert State Prison is located in Indian Springs Nevada. It is currently the largest correctional facility in the Nevada Department of Corrections.  It is one of the most technologically advanced prisons in the country and is the reception center for all inmates in Southern Nevada.  The current capacity of this prison is 4,176 inmates, and is still expanding as High Desert State Prison becomes the first facility in a complex of several that will make up the Southern Nevada Prison Complex.
  • LCC- Lovelock Correctional Center
    • Lovelock Correctional Center is a mixed custody correctional facility that houses minimum, medium and close custody inmates in Pershing County Nevada. The current capacity of this prison is 1,680 inmates.  Offenders at Lovelock Correctional Center can work in the Nevada prison industries manufacturing garments and mattresses.  Additionally, inmates can take vocational courses for culinary arts, computers, dry cleaning, horticulture, and automotive repair.  Educational courses offered at Lovelock Correctional Center allow inmates to earn a GED and college degrees.
  • NNCC – Northern Nevada Correctional Center
    • Northern Nevada Correctional Center is located in Carson City Nevada. It is a medium custody prison that can house more than 1,600 inmates.  Offenders are housed in one of ten housing units and can receive on-site medical and mental health treatment.  Northern Nevada Correctional Center is part of the prison industries program that manufactures a variety of products in an upholstery shop, paint shop, wood shop, and metal shop.  Offenders who work in these shops can earn a menial wage while incarcerated.
  • SDCC – Southern Desert Correctional Center
    • Southern Desert Correctional Center is located in Indian Springs Nevada, part of Clark County. It is mainly a medium custody facility that also has two dedicated units for specialized programming.  The SDCC offers inmates a variety of programming, including an automotive repair and restoration program.  Offenders can also earn a GED and college degree while incarcerated.
  • WSCC – Warm Springs Correctional Center
    • Warm Springs Correctional Center is a medium security prison located in Carson City Nevada. This prison has been converted to different security levels multiple times throughout the history of the correctional center. At one point, WSCC was a women’s correctional facility.  Today, Warm Springs Correctional Center houses in excess of 530 adult males.

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