Vegas Criminal Law Attorney Explains Peeping Crimes

Forgery of conveyances, negotiable instruments, stock certificatesNevada has strict rules in place to prevent invasion of privacy. Peeping tom charges can result from a variety of different types of unlawful conduct and the penalty for invasion of privacy can be harsh. Defendants need to ensure they understand what types of conduct can result in peeping top charges and should make certain they are proactive in fighting accusations that they broke the law.

LV Criminal Defense is ready to help defendants who are accused of illegal conduct in connection with peeping tom crimes. We can assist you in understanding the specific statutes that you will be charged under, the elements of each crime the prosecutor must prove to secure a conviction, and the ways in which you can defend against charges or fight conviction.

Many peeping tom offenses can result in a lengthy prison sentence and, in some cases, conduct that results in charges could lead to you being classified as a sex offender and being forced to register. You don’t want your reputation destroyed, your life derailed, and your freedom lost because of accusations that you invaded privacy.

Our Las Vegas defense team will help you to take steps to ensure that you do everything possible to avoid being convicted of peeing top crimes.

Nevada Peeping Tom Law

Nevada addresses peering and peeping in Nevada Revised Statute section 200.603. According to the relevant law, it is illegal to enter someone else’s property or premises to peep or spy through a window, door, or other opening of a building or a structure that is being used as a premises. It is also illegal to enter your own property to spy if it is leased or rented to someone else.

To secure a conviction under Nevada’s law on peering and peeping, a prosecutor must prove you knowingly entered the property or premises of another with the intent to conceal yourself and peep or spy.

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If you are convicted of this offense, penalties vary depending upon your conduct. For example, if you are in possession of a deadly weapon when you enter someone’s property to engage in peeping offenses, you could be imprisoned for a minimum of one year and a maximum of six years and can also be fined up to $5,000.

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If you are in violation of the law on peering or peeping and you have a photographic or digital camera, a video camera, or other device that is capable of capturing images, or sound, you can be convicted of a gross misdemeanor. In other circumstances, if you have no weapon or no camera at the time of the violation, you could be convicted of a simple misdemeanor crime.

If your conduct crosses the line into stalking, you could also be charged under Nevada Revised Statute section 200.575 and could face gross misdemeanor charges or Class B felony charges for aggravated stalking. Stalking is any willful or malicious conduct that causes someone else to feel harassed or threatened.

There may also be other statutes you could be charged under, depending upon the specific circumstances of your actions at the time when you engage in peeping.

Is Taking Pictures Without Consent Illegal?

Nevada law allows you to take pictures of people and things that are in public spaces. However, the rules for private spaces are different. If you enter someone’s dwelling and engage in peeping, the penalties for the offense are much harsher if you have a camera or a recorder with you at the time of the incident.

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Taking pictures without consent, especially if you use those pictures for commercial purposes or make the pictures public without the permission of the person who was photographed, could also result in a civil lawsuit against you that is brought by the person who was photographed.

In some cases, you could also face very harsh penalties based on the nature of the pictures taken. For example, if you engage in peeping behavior and you take pictures of anyone under the age of 18, it is possible you could be charged with a child pornography offense if the photographs depict the child without clothing or in a sexually suggestive way.

What is the Penalty for Invasion of Privacy?

Because Nevada law makes it possible for defendants to face both criminal and civil charges for various types of peeping tom behaviors, it is important to fully understand the rules for invasion of privacy.

Being charged under peeping tom laws could lead to jail time, while a civil lawsuit could have serious financial consequences if you are forced to provide compensation to a victim. There are several causes of action for invasion of privacy that could result in a successful lawsuit against you, including intrusion upon seclusion, appropriating a victim’s likeness or identity, or publicly disclosing private facts.

Intrusion upon seclusion is one of the more common claims made in civil lawsuits in connection with invasion of privacy. You could be sued for intrusion upon seclusion if you violate any aspect of a person’s life that the individual has a reasonable expectation would be free from intrusion. If you go onto someone’s property and put hidden cameras on that person, for example, this could result in a civil lawsuit for intrusion of seclusion.

What to Do If You’re Facing Peeping Tom Charges

When you are facing civil or criminal penalties for peeping tom crimes, it is important that you reach out to an experienced peeping crimes defense attorney as soon as possible. You should work with a competent criminal lawyer who can help you to develop a comprehensive legal strategy for responding to all of the accusations and legal claims against you.

Getting Help from a Nevada Peeping Tom Law Attorney

LV Criminal Defense has extensive experience providing representation to defendants facing peeping tom charges. To find out more about the ways in which our Vegas criminal lawyers can help you to protect your future and your reputation, give us a call today.