From the fourth floor conference room of Nicholas Wooldridge’s offices in the Towne Terrace  building in Las Vegas, a voice comes out of the past. Wafting through the open window and past  palm trees, people stop and wonder if Sam Cooke has been reincarnated. Floyd Mayweather Sr. Is showing off his chops to noted criminal defense attorney Nicholas Wooldridge.

With a pitch-perfect rendition of Cooke’s  “You Send Me,” Mayweather Sr has experienced more than his share of fame, fortune and too often, trouble.

The 65-year old  was born in Amory, a tired  Mississippi town which didn’t pass 7,000 residents until 2010. Besides Mayweather Sr., Amory’s sole claim to fame was the night Carl Perkins starred at the local auditorium with Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. On his way to Amory, in 1955, Perkins wrote  “Blue Suede Shoes”. Mayweather grew up in New York City and the mean streets of the 50s made him place singing on the life’s back burner.

Mayweather Sr never did explore his musical roots. Instead, the rough streets of The Bronx turned him to boxing as a young man. As he never forgot the musical roots of home, Mayweather Sr.  could now be working the Strip as part of a glitzy retro show of the 50s and 60s.

Born October 19, 1952, Mayweather Sr is better known as an American professional boxer who thrived in the ring from 1974 until 1990.

Since retiring, Mayweather Sr. Has worked as a boxing trainer, most notably for his son, Floyd Mayweather, jr.

Cleared Of Assault Charges

In July, Mayweather Sr was acquitted in Las Vegas on a battery charge following a trial in front of a Nevada judge.

Wooldridge, Mayweather Sr’s attorney, told reporters the testimony took several hours before Harmony Letizia, the Just of the Peace who heard the case, reached the not guilty decision.

Wooldridge told reporters Mayweather was accused of pulling a woman from his vehicle, punching her in the leg and leaving her stranded after the woman attempted to get money from his client.

Police had reported the woman as being treated at a local hospital for bruises she claimed to have gotten from Mayweather following an argument with him as he drove her and her husband home following a boxing match at the T-Mobile Arena.

Mayweather Sr’s record was 28-6-1, with 18 knockouts and he passed his knowledge on to his son, Mayweather Jr. When the champ was still a toddler. In May 2013, for the only time since 2000, Floyd Jr. Told the press that Floyd Sr. Would being his trainer against Robert Guerrero. Some speculated this was due to the bloody nose Jr. Received in an otherwise great performance against Miguel Cotto. Sr. Has been his son’s trainer since.

Mayweather Sr Is A New Father

In June 2018, Mayweather Sr. was found to be the father of a baby girl. The child’s mother, Purisa Farris, sued for a paternity test which determined Sr. To be the dad.

Farris, 29, filed in 2017 for child support from Mayweather. She also filed for the paternity test.

Money Has A Charitable Side

A 2009 Yahoo Sports profile documented the Mayweather father-and-son philanthropic activities and followed them around Las Vegas as they gave food to the city’s homeless.

Despite the goodwill, they said they do not do this for the publicity—or to change a dubious image.

“I don’t talk to kids and I don’t feed the homeless because I want someone to know about it,” Mayweather said. “I do it because I know there’s a need and I have the opportunity to do right. I really don’t care who knows or who doesn’t. As long as I help the kids and people who need help, that’s really what matters.”