Hell's angels in NevadaBack in the early days of spring in 2022, a freeway shooting broke out along a Las Vegas freeway. At the time, authorities investigating the situation determined that the shootout occurred between two rival motorcycle gangs. As a result of the situation, some individuals were injured, and several motorcycles had gunshot damage.

Police described the events as happening immediately after a Memorial Day weekend ceremony that was being held at a veteran’s cemetery in Boulder City. It’s believed that a rival motorcycle gang appeared alongside the Hell’s Angel’s group, which prompted the shooting.

Police discovered at least 25 different bullet casings near the freeway. They also found four motorcycles with gunshot damage. At least one individual who is believed to be a Hell’s Angels member was treated for gunshot wounds at a nearby hospital. Six other individuals were also treated for injuries after the ordeal.

Throughout the investigation, several men including Russell Smith, Taylor Rodriguez, Aaron Chun, Stephen Alo, and Rayann Mollasgo were arrested. The men initially faced 25 different shooting charges, but with the help of a skilled legal team, they were able to have their charges reduced. All the defendants are now facing 5 charges including conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, attempted murder with a weapon, battery, and assault. So far, every defendant has pleaded not guilty to their charges.

If convicted of their crimes, these Hells Angels motorcycle riders could face up to 40 years in prison.

How Do Charges Get Dropped or Reduced?

If you’ve ever been arrested for a crime, then you know first-hand how powerless you can feel when going up against the law. This is especially true when you’re facing serious charges. The good news is that it might be possible to have your charges dropped or reduced depending on your circumstances.

For instance, in the case above, a skilled lawyer for the defendants was able to argue that the current charges against his clients were too broad. Prior to having the charges reduced, the suspects were facing charges including racketeering and even gang-related charges. Now, those charges have been dropped. For the defendants, that’s great news because it reduces the potential penalties they could face.

One defendant, for example, was facing charges of conspiracy along with other members of Hells Angels dating back to an incident that happened in 2019, but he had allegedly only joined the chapter a week prior. Considering this evidence, the judge ordered prosecutors to revise their indictment against the defendants and to reduce and drop certain charges.

If you’re facing severe charges, then it might be possible for you to have some of your charges dropped or reduced, too. To learn more about your legal options, it’s best to get in touch with a skilled criminal defense attorney who can help go over all the facts of your arrest, charges, and legal situation.

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