Home Intruders Shot and ChasedTwo criminals got a big surprise when they broke into a family home recently. Instead of them getting away with a crime, they came face to face with a man who grabbed his

AK 47 and chased them outside. A single shot was fired by the man as the criminals fled in an unidentified car.

The two criminals, a man and a woman later appeared at the North Vista Hospital having both been shot. The male suspect was pronounced dead and was identified as Willie M Pro, age 33 by the Clark County Coroners office. It appears that he bled to death after being shot around the buttock region.

The female suspect was identified as Tiffany Carter, 29 of Las Vegas. She was later transferred to the University Medical Center.  Carter has been charged on several counts including attempted murder with a deadly weapon, first-degree kidnapping with a deadly weapon, and robbery with a deadly weapon, home invasion with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit a robbery with a deadline weapon and conspiracy to commit a home invasion.  Tiffany Carter who also goes by the name Tarneshia Harris was also seriously wounded but exact details of her injures have not been revealed.

The crime occurred around 9 am near the 3800 block of King Palm Avenue at the intersection of Pecos and Alexander roads. It seems that a woman and her four children ages 23, 19, 16 and 12 were at home. According to one of the sons, Carter knocked on the door and immediately pushed her way inside the home telling the child who opened the door that her vehicle had broken down. She insisted that she needed to use a phone.

Soon the male suspect entered the home with a handgun and pointed it at the young child telling him to remain silent. The gunman then went to the bedroom where the oldest son was sleeping and pointed the gun at him. However, within a split of a second, the oldest child grabbed a 40-caliber handgun from a nearby night stand and fired at the male suspect, who quickly fled the home. Then he confronted Tiffany Carter who had grabbed his mother’s purse. The son snatched the handbag back and fired more shots at Tiffany as she fled the home.

The young man then took out his AK47 and fired one more round at the gold Oldsmobile sedan used by the fleeing intruders.

Someone from the family called 911 while the oldest son stood guard. Soon after, the police arrived and gathered details about the attempted robbery from the oldest son, who was also the one who had shot the robbers.