sexual harassment by a lawyer

According to initial police reports, authorities first became aware of the situation in April. The District Attorney’s office got an email alert about Crawford’s alleged sexual harassment, and the email went on to say that multiple women were scared to come forward.

Police immediately began investigating the situation. They spoke with multiple witnesses, former employees, and Crawford himself. When they talked to Crawford, though, they didn’t alert him about the potential charges. Instead, they sent in an undercover agent to discern whether wrongdoing was common in the office.

The undercover agent acted as a potential client seeking a divorce consultation. While meeting Crawford, it’s reported that the lawyer attempted to inappropriately touch the agent, made sexual comments about her, and even attempted to kiss her. As a result of the interaction, Crawford was immediately arrested. Hew as booked into the Clark County Detention Center.

As of now, the suspect is facing multiple charges including five gross misdemeanor counts of open and gross lewdness.

False Accusations are on the Rise

While we should always believe a victim, we shouldn’t jump to punishing the alleged perpetrator until we know for a fact that they’re guilty. Why? False accusations are more common than you’d think. Unfortunately, these types of false accusations of sexual assault are on the rise.

Take the recent Johnny Depp trial as an example. Regardless of where you fall in the “Justice for Johnny” saga, it’s finally come to a close. A jury has decided that Amber Heard is guilty of defaming Johnny Depp after falsely accusing him of domestic violence and sexual assault.

In the case above, authorities were very smart in their investigation. Rather than persecuting the alleged perpetrator without evidence, they decided to send in an undercover agent to gather proof of the illegal behavior. By opting for this route, police officers not only made sure they were making a rightful arrest, but they also helped protect the victim by securing the right evidence, too.

If you’ve recently come up against false accusations, then you shouldn’t assume that a judge or jury will see through the lies. Never make the mistake of thinking the truth will prevail in court. Instead, you need to protect yourself and your interests by hiring a good lawyer.

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