The Los Angeles archdiocese recently announced charges will be pursued against two nuns who have been indicted for stealing money from a school for personal trips and gambling in Las Vegas.

Despite one of the Ten Commandments being “Thou shall not steal,” the nuns didn’t listen, and the lesson was one ignored by Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper and Sister Lana Chang. The pair had admitted to embezzling  school funds.

According to the archdiocese, the nuns boosted half-a-million over the years. The theft was unveiled in the midst of a recent audit.

Initially, the school said it didn’t want to pursue criminal charges, but the investigation has broadened and the school is thinking about making this a criminal case.

13Action News looked for a link between the sisters and Las Vegas and found Sister Kreuper had a post office box in Clark County. She also maintained a home on the city’s east side near Flamingo and Eastern.

The school’s Monsignor said in a letter to the parents the nuns wanted him to tell them of their deep remorse and asking for the parents forgiveness and prayers.

For its part, the nun’s order claims the women are cooperating and mean to make full restitution.

The Takeaway

Nevada’s criminal justice system has put the case on hold until after the 2018 holiday season.