A Star Trek actor found shot in the head at home, and a missing bullet may be the stuff that Hollywood detective stories are made of

This story isn’t silver screen. It’s true life. It gets stranger. The murder occurred in 2013. The bullet wasn’t found until almost four years later.

Kelleen A. Cota was arrested recently in the shooting death of Charles Thomas Deishley in 2013. Arrested Thursday on Bel Air Drive, Cota is being held in the Clark County Detention Center suspected of killing the Star Wars Actor.

Cota was earlier indicted for swindling Deishley of almost $1 million and was accused of racketeering charges as well as embezzlement, forgery and grand larceny. The warrant connected her to Deishley’s death, but she had not been accused of murder until early September.

Deishley was killed after he asked Cota about missing investment dividends. When police searched Deishley’s home following his murder, they found him lifeless in a char, the television on and the remote in his lap.

Cota’s arrest report indicates investigators found a .38-caliber handgun, registered to Cota, during a September 2015 search.

The report went on to say Deishley’s son called Las Vegas Metro PD in June to report he found the missing bullet. Forensic analysis determined the markings on the bullet matched Cota’s pistol.

Deishley acted for ten-years in the “Star Trek: The Experience” attraction inside the Las Vegas Hilton. A friend from the theater, Kerstan Szczepanski, was present when police initially located Deishley in the home.

“I’ve waited a long time, and now I’m speechless,” Szczepanski said in a statement.”

Speaking for himself and the “Star Trek” community, Szczepanski said, “We’re relieved after waiting for so long.”