grand theft auto in las vegasReviewjournal reports the grand theft auto that occurred right at the police sight. As the authorities attempted to intervene, the suspect fled in the car and initiated a police pursuit. This incident occurred near East Cheyenne Avenue and North Pecos Road.

At one point, the suspect began discharging his weapon at police officers who returned fire.

Amidst the gunfire, the pursuit continued at extremely high and dangerous speeds. In a scene that looked just like the video game, the suspect attempted to pull over in a parking lot and take another car at gunpoint. As he attempted to do so, police discharged their firearms at him. After a short pursuit, he was finally arrested.

Two police officers and one other innocent bystander were injured during the ordeal. The suspect also reportedly shot at the person in the second vehicle, but they were not struck by the bullets. Multiple scenes were impacted by the police chase and a few crash scenes.

Aggravating Factors in a Robbery Case in Las Vegas

Under Nevada law, robbery is defined as the illegal seizure of someone else’s personal property against the person’s will by means of force, violence, or fear of injury.

In general, this offense is classified as a category B felony, which is a very substantial charge by itself. If convicted, then you could face a prison term of 2-15 years.

If your case involves aggravating factors, though, then expect your charges to be even more serious. Aggravating factors mean that your robbery charge will be upgraded as a result of either your actions or the status of the alleged victim. Expect an aggravated charge if any of the following factors are present:

  • The use of a deadly weapon
  • The victim was disabled or mentally challenged
  • The victim was a retired or elderly individual
  • The victim was a child or a child witnessed the crime
  • An innocent person was injured during the commission of the robbery

If the above aggravating factors or other aggravating factors exist in your robbery situation, then your sentence could get doubled. What’s more, you might face increased fines, a longer probation term once you’re released from jail, and other restrictions.

Keep in mind that every robbery conviction is a felony, which means you’ll also automatically lose certain rights. You won’t be able to vote, carry a firearm, and more once you serve your time.

Do You Need a Lawyer in Las Vegas?

The best way to avoid the criminal penalties above is to not get convicted. If that’s your goal, then your first step should be to hire a quality criminal defense lawyer who can help you with your robbery charge.

Here at LV Criminal Defense, we understand the gravity of your situation, and we won’t take your freedom lightly. Request a consultation with our best robbery defense lawyers now to get started on your case.