There was yet another school shooting in the country. This time it was at a rural high school in Washington State.

A 15-year old boy stands accused of shooting four classmates, killing one of them. The boy Caleb Sharpe had already had a meeting with a school counselor about his suicidal ideations before this incident happened. Soon after he brought two guns to school and wounded 3 classmates and killed another one. According to court documents, he stated that he attacked these students because they bulled him.

The documents reveal that most of Caleb’s classmates were aware of his troubled behavior. They relate that he often brought to school written notes that he was about to do ‘something stupid.’ The students also report that Caleb was obsessed with gun shootings and had posted online videos showing him firing and playing with firearms.

Caleb Sharpe was a sophomore at Freeman High School in the small town of Rockford. The school consisted of 300 students who knew each other fairly well. On that fateful day on Sept 13, 2017, Caleb left home with a suicide note for his parents. He then ended up shooting at four students.

The school so far has not responded. It is not known how Caleb’s suicidal ideations were dealt with or what type of counseling was offered to him. What is known is that Caleb did take a handgun and an assault weapon to school. The guns were brought inside the school in his duffel bag, according to court documents.

Once inside the school compound, Caleb pulled out the AR-15 rifle and started to fire it in the hallway. The rifle jammed. A classmate approached Caleb and said, “I always knew you were going to shoot up the school.” Caleb shot him in the abdomen and head with the handgun. Caleb kept on firing the handgun and struck three more students. When the gun jammed he dropped it and surrendered to an approaching janitor, who helped him on the ground until law enforcement arrived. Caleb was then taken a juvenile detention center.

At the detention center, Caleb stated that he shot the student because of bullying but did not specify which student it was. He also mentioned that he did it to show everyone what happens when someone bullies other people.

The three wounded classmates are stable and expected to survive. Sharpe is expected to face multiple charges including murder but because of his age, he may be treated as a juvenile offender. Caleb had always been fascinated with guns and it appears that the school missed his threatening behavior.