When Joe Lanier pulled his work truck over to check on customer orders, he didn’t think he wouldn’t be driving the vehicle away. Lanier, 24, of Detroit and an exterminator was approached by a teenager who put a gun up to the driver’s window and demanded Lanier give him his sunglasses.

Licensed to carry a concealed weapon, Lanier remained calm, looked the would be thief in the face and began firing.

The teenager was hit and dropped like yesterday’s news into a puddle of his spreading blood on the parking lot pavement.

The shots had blown out the windows of Lanier’s vehicle. Lanier drove a short distance down the street and called 911.

When the police arrived, they called for an ambulance and began questioning the bug zapper.

“What happened?” asked the officer.

“The kid tried to mug me, and I blasted him. That’s what happened,” Lanier said. “That’s why he’s going to the clinic and not me.”

When Angela Lanier, Lanier’s mother, a certified gun instructor, learned of the shooting, she said, “Thank God it’s not my son, and I’m not burying him.”

People buy weapons for a variety of reasons. The subject gets stickier when it comes to privileges to carry concealed weapons. Not each state recognizes permits issued in other states; even gun control advocates disagree with the idea of conce3aling weapons in public, and die-hard 2nd Amendment supporters think any required licensing is seen as “another step” towards the federal government taking away gun rights.

Boxes Of Ammunition And An AR15

Just before Christmas, Craig Alan Vandewege was charged with speeding and failing to provide the officer of proof of insurance.

While Vandewege, 35, was posting bail at Garfield County Jail in Colorado, law enforcement checked a federal database and found a capital murder warrant for killing his 36-year-old wife and their 3-month-old son.

When Vandewege was interviewed by cops, he told officers he was heading to Las Vegas to “go shooting and get rid of stress.” Besides a handgun, law enforcement found boxes of ammunition and an AR15 style rifle.

If Vandewege had not gotten stopped for speeding, he might have delivered on his promise. Nevada doesn’t currently honor concealed handgun permits and is a “shall issue” state when it comes to carrying concealed weapons. Each county sheriff issues a permit to individuals who meet government criteria.