“God put us here, on this carnival ride. We close our eyes never knowing where it’ll take us next,” says the old country song.

For a couple in Las Vegas, “next” was jail. The man involved in the daylight attraction was killed a few months later and several states away.

Philip Frank Panzica, 27, was arrested after stripping down and performing a sex act while shocked tourists looked on. Panzica, and his amour, Chloe Scordianos, 21, were in a court recently after being taken off the 550 foot Ferris Wheel on the Vegas Strip.

But it gets complicated.

Panzica was supposed to marry his fiancée, Mistie Bozant, the same day. But then, he found out she was pregnant with another man’s child.

Let’s recap.

A man, was spotted making love to his girlfriend on a Las Vegas roller coaster. The Romeo was supposed to marry a second woman, the same day. Then he found out his fiance was pregnant — by another guy. So the first man, called off the wedding to the second woman because she was pregnant by the second guy.

And it all started when stunned ride-goers saw the couple naked and romping on the attraction. The pair were warned — thanks to those intercom systems, but security guards say despite the warning they continue to make hay while the sunshines.

The arresting officers said, “They both said they were having a good time and didn’t think someone would notice.” The cops included video in their report. The CCTV “clearly showed Scordianos, on her back, in the center of the cabin.”

Despite the video evidence, Panzica denied the offense and claimed he should have the right to expect privacy.

The couple is expected back in court the following month. No word yet if the pregnant fiancée was left standing at the altar.


Philip Frank Panzica is dead.

Shortly after Panzica was enjoying a mini-version of the mile-high-club, he picked his fiancee up at work. She was a stripper in Texas. Bozant, the fiancee, was in Houston at a strip club with Panzica and a man she knew as “Shoe Shine Mike.”

On their way to a party, Shoe Shine shot and killed Panzica before leaving his body at the side of the road. They grabbed Bozan’s purse which contained several thousand dollars and fled.

A sheriff’s deputy in Menard County noticed the speeding black Kia and gave chase. More police agencies joined the chase, stopping the car and arresting Shoe Shine.

The Takeaway

While Shoe Shine was tried and convicted, he claimed to have a partner-in-crime. However, the partner still hasn’t been caught.