Cristiano Ronaldo, a world famous soccer player, was accused a raping a woman in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2009. Nevada law enforcement investigated the allegations and have decided not to bring charges against Ronaldo, according to KTLA5 News.

An investigation conducted by the Las Vegas police failed to show that the claims levied by Kathryn Mayorga, the alleged victim, against Ronaldo could be proven at trial beyond a reasonable doubt.

In 2009, Mayorga underwent a medical exam to collect DNA evidence shortly after she alleged Ronaldo assaulted her. However, police closed the initial investigation in 2009 since Mayorga failed to identify her attacker by name and refused to state where the alleged rape took place.

The investigation into these allegations was reopened in 2018 at the request of Mayorga’s attorneys, shortly before they decided to file a civil lawsuit against Ronaldo. Mayorga spoke again with police and authorities this year obtained a sample of Ronaldo’s DNA through Italian authorities.

The decision not to file charges represents a legal victory for Ronaldo since he has been battling these allegations for well over a year. Ronaldo’s legal team acknowledged that the soccer phenom and Mayorga engaged in a consensual sexual encounter in June 2009. However, Ronaldo’s attorney stridently denied that Mayorga was the victim of rape.

Overview of Allegations

Mayorga’s lawsuit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court in Las Vegas, claims she met Ronaldo at a nightclub and went with him, and other people, to his suite at the Palms Hotel and Casino. Mayorga goes on to allege that she was assaulted by Ronaldo in a bedroom. Afterward, she signed a non-disclosure agreement under pressure from “fixers” trying to protect Ronaldo’s reputation, according to Mayorga’s attorney.

Mayorga’s lawsuit accuses Ronaldo, or those working for him, of the following offenses:

  • Conspiracy;
  • Defamation;
  • Breach of contract;
  • Coercion; and
  • Fraud for allegedly allowing terms of the settlement to become public in European publications.

Legal Battle Now Confined to Civil Court

Only the state has the authority to bring criminal charges against a defendant. The Clark County District Attorney determined that the allegations levied by Mayorga would likely not prevail in court under the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard that applies in virtually all criminal cases. As a result, the legal dispute between Mayorga and Ronaldo now shifts exclusively into the civil arena.

Overview of Nevada Laws Governing Rape and Sexual Assault

The law governing rape in Nevada is codified in NRS 200.366. This statutory provision prohibits sexual assault (also referred to as rape). Specifically, NRS 200.366 states that sexual assault occurs when a person subjects another person to sexual penetration, or forces another person to make a sexual penetration on himself or herself or another, or on a beast, against the will of the victim or under conditions in which the perpetrator knows or should know that the victim is mentally or physically incapable of resisting or understanding the nature of his or her conduct.

If you are being accused of raping someone, you can raise a number of defenses, including:

  • You were falsely accused;
  • The accuser consented to having sex with you; or
  • No sexual penetration occurred

Charged with Alleged Rape or Sexual Assault? Speak to an Attorney Today

If you were charged with allegedly raping or sexually assaulting another person, now is the time to take action by hiring a skilled and knowledgeable Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer. The Ronaldo case highlights what can be accomplished when you have quality legal representation that is ready to advocate for you and highlight the legal shortcomings of specific allegations. The Ronaldo case also exemplifies the high standard that must be met in order to convict someone of a crime – beyond a reasonable doubt. We work tirelessly to bring that reasonable doubt to the surface during trial.