Las Vegas detectives have just arrested the father of the 13-year old boy whose body was recently found in the desert. The father claims that he slapped the teenager who then hit his head on the floor and died. He then buried him in the desert.

The father, Paul Darrell Jones, 33, states that the incident occurred sometime in February of 2017. He says that he discovered that his son, Aaron Jones, was dead. Therefore, he wrapped his body in a blanket and took him to the desert, which was just behind his apartment. He loosely buried the body, then covered it with rocks and plastic and left the scene.

Paul Jones is already being held at the Clark County Detention Center regarding an unrelated child abuse case. He has now been charged with a count of murder, say Las Vegas police.

The investigation also revealed that his girlfriend, Latoya Williams-Miley, 33 may have played a role in the crime. She was arrested later last week and is also being held on a count of murder, say detectives from Clark County Detention Center. She was only arrested after police obtained additional facts from further investigation; so far police have not revealed what prompted them to charge Latoya.

Based on the arrest report, one of the siblings of the dead boy told Clark County Child Protective Service investigator that her father regularly punished Aaron by making him stand against the wall with his hands elevated. The father encouraged other siblings to hit the boy with different items and would not even allow the teenager to protect himself. The child was only allowed to put his hands down if he put one foot up.

Jones stated to detectives that the day Aaron died, he had slapped him during an argument about candies. The boy then fell on the floor and hit his head. Jones claims that Aaron was unresponsive but his eyes were still open. Then he took the child to the bathroom and sprayed him with water to wake him up but this did not work. At no time did he seek medical assistance.

When the teenager would not respond after several attempts, he covered his body and put it in the living room. He claimed that till that point, the child was still breathing. Then after an unknown amount of time, Jones checked again but this time the teenager was no longer breathing so he wrapped him in the blanket and took him to the desert.

Jones had gained custody of the teenager and his sister last summer and they all lived in with his other 11 children. Aaron was finally reported missing on April 14. The coroner has so far not confirmed how Aaron died.