murder on Lake Mead, NVOn May 1st, a witness was in the Lake Mead area at around 3 P.M. when they reportedly came across a suspicious barrel. National Park Service rangers were called out to search the scene, which was near Hemenway Harbor. The park service later confirmed in a statement that the barrel was searched, and human remains were found inside.

According to early reports, the barrel was discovered as a result of the ongoing drought in Nevada. The barrel was reportedly stuck between mud and the receding water. It’s not clear how long the remains were in the area before being discovered. The barrel itself was decomposing, which left the human remains visible and out in the open. Some clothing was discovered inside the barrel alongside the remains.

A perimeter was immediately established, and the Metropolitan Police Department came out to the area to start an investigation. The remains were sent over to the Clark County coroner’s office. They are expected to identify the remains and notify the victim’s relatives. From there, more information about the situation will become public.

At this time, an investigation is still ongoing.

Las Vegas Police Lt. Ray Spencer told one media outlet that the victim was likely killed back in the 1980s. According to some, the recent megadrought going on in the west will likely result in even more human remains discoveries.

Murder Homicide Charges in Las Vegas

Facing murder charges in Las Vegas is extremely serious. Not only is your freedom at risk, but your life could be, too. Nevada allows the death penalty in some murder cases. Clearly, that’s not a consequence you want to face. Even if the death penalty isn’t on the table, facing murder charges still comes with some of the most significant criminal penalties allowed by law. Depending on your exact charges, these might include:

  • Life in prison without parole
  • 50 years in prison with the possibility of parole after 20 years

Murder homicide is broken down into four types. First-degree murder is the most serious, which means your actions were premeditated and deliberate. Felony murder happens when a death occurs while you’re committing a different felony. Second-degree murder isn’t premeditated.

You can also face attempted murder charges, which don’t require that the victim pass away. It only requires that the suspect intended to kill the person, and the suspect took steps towards making that happen.

Are You Looking for a Criminal Defense Attorney in Las Vegas?

Considering that murder homicide charges are the most serious crimes you can face in Las Vegas, it makes sense that they come with the steepest penalties, too. The only way to avoid enduring those consequences is to avoid getting convicted of murder. In some cases, it might be sufficient to get your charges reduced in exchange for a shorter sentence.

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