A crash after DUI in Las Vegas, NVAuthorities say the 64-year-old suspect, Cynthia Phelps, was speeding at an estimated 65 mph in a 45 mph zone. She was also driving in the wrong direction. According to witnesses and the arrest report, the suspect did not make any attempts to slow down or brake before smashing into the bus stop. F

ive individuals, including three children and two adults, were all suffering very substantial injuries. Nearby witnesses and bystanders all rushed into an attempt to help provide medical aid and help until emergency responders arrived.

One emergency medical personnel arrived, the declared 42-year-old Robert Higgins and another unnamed 14-year-old minor deceased at the scene. Another woman and two children were found to have serious injuries and they were all taken to the nearby University Medical Center.

Investigators found the suspect, Cynthia Phelps, with watery eyes. She was reportedly emitting a “strong odor” of alcohol. She told the questioning officers that she believed she had a seizure and that’s what caused the crash. She also claimed that she had been having “dizzy spells” prior to the accident. Investigators later determined that the suspect had not been diagnosed with any condition, and she wasn’t taking any medication at the time of the accident. She also claimed not to remember what happened. A field sobriety test was issued, and the suspect failed.

Phelps is being charged with five felony counts of DUI and reckless driving resulting in death or substantial injuries.

The Many Consequences of Causing a Fatal DUI Crash

The most significant and irreversible consequence of a fatal DUI crash is the loss of life. If you caused this type of accident, then you will unfortunately have to bear the emotional toll of the guilt and grief that’s to be expected in these situations.

On top of that, you’ll also have to contend with the criminal aspects of causing the DUI accident. Since the DUI accident above led to two fatalities and other serious injuries, it makes sense that the driver was charged with a felony. If you cause a DUI crash, then you won’t necessarily be charged with a felony. Here are the different levels of DUIs and the most common consequences associated with them:

  • First time DUI: Misdemeanor, 2-6 months in jail, 48-96 hrs community service
  • 2nd DUI: Enhanced misdemeanor, mandatory minimum of 10 days in jail, up to 6 months in jail, fines of up to $1,000
  • 3rd DUI: Felony, up to 6 years in jail, fines up to $5,000
  • DUI with serious injuries or death: Category B Felony, minimum 2 years in jail, up to 20 years in jail, fines of up to $5,000

On top of contending with these criminal consequences, you will also lose your license. If you’re in Las Vegas or a nearby area and you just got charged with a DUI, then schedule a call with our team of experienced Las Vegas DUI lawyers ASAP to get started on resolving your situation.