Some people never learn. Most of life is regulated in some way. The vehicles we drive have to meet specific standards and be licensed. The driver must be tested, examined and proven capable of safely operating their car.

Teachers, physicians, mechanics and hairdressers all have to go through some bureaucratic procedure to ensure public safety.

Not so for guns — and gun owners; at least in Nevada and a growing number of other states which are caving into the pro-gun lobby at a dizzying pace.

Despite the reality, gun lovers claw tooth and nail to keep gun control at bay.

Just weeks after Stephen Paddock killed 57 and wounded 546; a gunfight broke out at a Clark County store. By the time the cops entered the room from which Paddock fired, he was dead from a self-inflicted gunshot to the head.

Two men, Tyler Neal, 19 and Ernest Armour, 22, were both jailed in Clark County Detention Center charged with attempted murder and indicted for other reasons as well.

Metro Police Department records report Armour got into an altercation with a store employee after the employee supposedly made “disrespectful” comments to Neal’s mother.

Neal picked up Armour after the fight and returned to the store where he fired a shot from the car into the store.

Neal and Armour both face multiple charges including:

  • Attempted murder,
  • Conspiracy to commit murder,
  • Assault with a deadly weapon,
  • Conspiracy to commit assault,
  • Conspiracy to shoot into an occupied structure, and
  • Discharging a gun where a person may be endangered

Shall Issue

Nevada is a “shall issue” jurisdiction when it gets to concealed carry. The county sheriff issues a concealed weapons permit to individuals who apply and are qualified, for the permit.

To apply, an individual must be over 18 if they are in the military and over 21 if they are not on active duty. The individual must complete a course on firearm safety and show competence with any handgun.

Nevada is a gun law reciprocity state which means seventeen other states will recognize Nevada gun permits. Nevada acknowledges the gun laws of twenty-eight other states. A valid license, with photo ID, must be in the possession of the individual at all times while carrying a concealed weapon regardless of where the permit was issued, or the gun is taken.

Open Carry

Nevada is an open carry state with laws prohibiting counties and cities from enacting statutes more restrictive than state law. The legislators reserve the right to control all areas of firearm law except unsafe discharging.


Firearms registration is not required under Nevada state law. With the passage of State Bill #175, the registration requirement was wiped away. The law, which went into effect June 2, 2015, was signed by Governor Brian Sandoval.

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