One month after the Las Vegas massacre on October 1st observers are still looking for a satisfactory answer for the shooting. Claiming that mainstream media has given up on covering the attacks, conspiracy theorists believe the public has bought into the ‘lone wolf’ scenario that claimed 59 lives.

Eight key witnesses perished in ‘questionable conditions’ according to WUC News . The report says that each of the eight had something in common besides being present throughout the gunfire:

They each knew details of the massacre which contradicted the ‘authorized’ narrative. Four of the seven gave accounts to the media which stated there was more than one shooter. Others died before they could speak out.

Dennis and Lorraine Carver

The Carvers perished when the car they were in veered from the road and exploded. The couple, from California, was killed instantly in the fiery wreck.

Ms. Carver had told the media of her spouse shielded her from the ‘shooters’ by spotting a beer locker in which to hide until it was ok to run. After escaping, she shared reports on Facebook letting family and friends they were fine and added: “I believe the shooters have gone.”

A week after the wreck which claimed the carvers, the couple’s oldest daughter, Brooke, received her father’s cell phone. Through the chaos at the concern, Mr. Carver had dropped his phone, and it wound up in the FBI’s possession.

Reports say phones and laptops of witnesses were taken and erased by the FBI.

Danny Contreras

Contreras, 35, was killed after being chased by two gunmen. His corpse was recovered in an abandoned house after a woman heard a man moaning and called the police. Law enforcement investigated the report and found Contreras dead.

Contreras’ post on Twitter said, “Feeling lucky to be alive. Can’t believe I got out of concert. 2 men stalking me with guns.”

Kymberley Suchomel

Suchomel, 28, may be the most publicized death following the shooting.

Suchomel was uninjured at the shooting but described to the media the attacks and how they were carried out by “multiple” gunmen who were firing weapons.

Suchomel’s post on Facebook went viral. She said multiple gunmen were not just firing weapons in the crowd but also pursuing people and shooting them.

A week after the posting, she was found dead in bed at her Apple Valley home.

Suchomel’s grandmother, Julie Norton, told reporters: “I believe the stress from the shooting took her life.”

Orville Almon

The attorney which represented the music festival as well as Jason Aldean, the singer who was onstage when the shooting began, died from a “seizure during sleep” according to Nashville media.

After the massacre and before his death, Almon reportedly told a friend that his meetings with MGM, Las Vegas police and the FBI were “strange and complex.” The lawyer was privy to information which the federal agency didn’t disclose publically.

Almon’s 35-year career including representing recording artists and song writers as well as record company execs.


The WUC report ends by saying “Whether this series of deaths and disappearances are coincidental or if there is something ‘deeply sinister afoot’ has not been determined.”