aslking in Las Vegas NVBe honest – have you ever checked up on an ex’s social media profile before? Most of us have! A disturbing amount of adults (56%), however, take that to the next level and peep their ex’s social media profiles at least once a month!

This type of behavior crosses the threshold of normal and leaks over into stalking territory.

Sadly, even the most reputable members of society can become criminal stalkers. A recent criminal case reveals this truth all too well.

Just recently, a former Las Vegas lawyer pled guilty to stalking his ex-wife according to court records. In 2020, the lawyer’s ex-wife called police and reported that the suspect had visited her home. In an angry rage, he reportedly used his Ford F-150 to smash into two vehicles at the property. The suspect further smashed his car into a light pole and the garage door.

According to reports, the suspect ended up getting arrested at least five different times in situations that involved his ex-girlfriend, a female prosecutor, and even client funds. Back in 2019, he faced similar charges of stalking his ex-wife when he broke into her property, destroyed furniture, and even put his hands on his ex-wife.

Criminal Stalking Charges in Las Vegas

Per Nevada law, stalking is defined as willful and maliciously engaging in conduct that would reasonably cause the target person to feel scared, intimidated, concerned, or harassed. If the target person does feel intimidated or gets harmed in some way, then the suspect can get convicted of criminal stalking.

Stalking convictions are considered misdemeanor crimes unless aggravating factors are involved in your case. Here are a few types of aggravating factors that could upgrade your charges to a felony:

  • Putting the victim in reasonable fear of death or substantial bodily harm
  • Using a firearm
  • Threatening death
  • Actually causing harm to the victim

Jail time will be on the table regardless of whether you’re facing a misdemeanor or felony. You’ll also likely get hit with fines, and you might even need to attend specific court-ordered education regarding the stalking. What’s more, a conviction will result in a criminal record. The best way to avoid the worst criminal penalties is to consider hiring a good defense attorney to represent your claim.

Do You Need Trusted Legal Representation in Nevada?

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