LVPD armed robberyUnfortunately, some officers fail to uphold this oath and even fall into corruption.

Such is allegedly the case with former police officer Caleb Rogers who is accused of stealing over $165,000 in several casino robberies. Rogers is set to face trial after police investigations identified him as the primary suspect in at least three different casino heists.

Police suspect that 35-year-old Rogers spent the last four months planning and executing robberies at various Las Vegas Strip casinos. Police believe Rogers was armed with a weapon in one of the heists, and police additionally suspect that the weapon used in the commission of the crime was issued to Rogers by the police department.

Between November 2021 and January 2022, the suspect reportedly stole at least $85,000 in two robberies. The police department was obviously alerted to the crimes, and members of the police department were investigating the situation. By February of 2022, Rogers reportedly stole $79,000 in a third robbery at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.

This third robbery began like the other two – the suspect put on dark clothing, a face mask, and black gloves. He climbed over the counter and ordered a woman in her 60s to dump out all the money into a bag. He also informed everyone around him that he had a gun.

During this third robbery, Rogers didn’t make a smooth getaway. He was instead approached by security guards. A struggle ensued and Rogers allegedly drew his firearm. He allegedly asked the guards if they were willing to be shot over the issue. One brave security guard was able to get the gun away from the suspect and detain Rogers until police officers arrived.

Once the police officers were on scene, Rogers reportedly announced his department personnel number, so it was clear who he was. Despite being caught in such a way, Rogers plans on pleading not guilty. His lawyer is planning on arguing that the accusations are a case of mistaken identity. He also alleges that the police department pressured individuals into falsely identifying Rogers as the suspect in the string of unsolved casino robberies.

Armed Robbery in Las Vegas

Armed robbery with a deadly weapon is a very serious crime in Nevada. Under the law, robbery can carry a sentence of anywhere from 2-15 years. Armed robbery comes with an additional sentence of anywhere from 1-15 years.

If you’ve been accused of robbery or another crime, then it’s important to understand your right to hire legal representation. Without a lawyer, you’ll be ill equipped to defend yourself against your charges, even if you know you didn’t commit the crime.

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