Cancel culture can have some dire consequences, and the community of Las Vegas is currently witnessing what can happen when the media publishes a negative story about someone.

According to authorities, a former Las Vegas politician, Robert Telles, was indicted late in October after being accused of murdering a reporter. The investigative journalist reportedly wrote a negative article about Telles, and the article wreaked havoc on the politician’s life. The article alleged that Telles had misappropriated client funds. In June, Telles lost his party’s primary.

Further, a court order forced him to step down from his position as Clark County Administrator. Then, Nevada’s Supreme Court suspended Telles’ law license until the investigation into the allegations concludes.

A few months later in September, the reporter who wrote the negative article, Jeff German, was outside at his home. He was allegedly accosted and fatally stabbed by Robert Telles. While Telles has not been proven guilty yet, it seems that the judge has ample evidence to go off of including surveillance footage and DNA footage.

Amidst the investigation, there’s a controversy over whether the authorities should be able to access the reporter’s cell phone and other devices because confidential news sources might accidentally be revealed.

Death Penalty in Nevada: What to Know

While many states in America have eliminated the death penalty altogether, Nevada has not. The death penalty is only issued for first-degree murder, though. In general, you’ll only face a potential death penalty when:

  • The murder was intentional and clearly premeditated
  • The murder happened while the person was committing another felony offense
  • The murder occurred during a terrorist action
  • The killing happened near a school, school bus, or place where children might be present
  • The murder happened while the person was attempting to escape from the police
  • The killing happened in prison or jail
  • You have been convicted of murder or a similar crime in the past
  • The killing was committed for profit
  • The victim was a minor
  • The killing was committed as a hate crime

If you can get your charges reduced to second-degree murder or another type of charge, then you may be able to escape any potential death penalty sentence. Even if you do so, though, you can still get sentenced to prison for life.

Are You Looking for a Criminal Defense Attorney in Las Vegas?

Have you or a loved one recently been arrested for a violent crime? If murder is on the table, then it’s possible that the death penalty is, too. Even if your case doesn’t meet the conditions for the death penalty to be considered, a murder conviction still carries life-long consequences. You could end up serving a life sentence. Considering the severity of the situation, you need to hire the best possible legal representative that you can.

If you’re in Las Vegas or a nearby area, then we invite you to request a consultation with our criminal defense team here at LV Criminal Defense. We look forward to hearing from you.