The theorists believe law enforcement’s tale of how things happened in the massacre is full of holes and is begging the question, “How deep the truth goes.”

What Is Known For Sure

What is known is that 59 people were killed and hundreds wounded. That isn’t a hoax. People were shot, killed and wounded.

The Official Narrative

Law enforcement says Stephen Paddock, a retired accountant with no firearms training, no experience with weapons was a 64-year-old man with no physical stamina. He was able to manage a highly complex weapons system for ten minutes.

Journalist Mike Adams, with Natural News, doesn’t believe Paddock could have wrecked the havoc by himself, but rather there were others firing as well. Nowhere in any of the conspiracy theories is Paddock excluded from the mass shooting, only that there were others.

According to Adams, Navy Seals would have had a difficult time firing a fully automatic gun for ten straight minutes. The weapons can be rough on the operator and require strength, stamina and professional-grade troubleshooting to avoid overheating and jamming. “The hotel room would have been full of smoke,” says Adams. “It would be impossible to keep breathing in that limited space.”

Notwithstanding what has been described in the media, not just anyone can pick up the weapons and wounded more than 500 people. “It is physically impossible for Paddock to fire a weapon in a sustained manner witnessed,” adds Adams.

Conspiracy theorists believe the only way Paddock, a retired accountant and senior citizen “with a flabby physique could have carried out the shoot would be if he were morphed into a human super-weapon.”

3 Reasons Why The Official Narrative Got It Wrong

According to the NY Times, Paddock took at least ten weapons into his hotel room.

Why would a lone-shooter need ten-rifles? The fact that ten rifles were found in Paddock’s room tells conspiracy theorists:

  • The guns were there for more than one killer,
  • The entire operation was well financed,
  • The attack took a long time to set up

The scapegoat was killed before he could speak.

The media agrees that Paddock was found dead, shot, in his room. Law enforcement claimed Paddock killed himself before police entered, yet conspiracy theorists argue that is merely an assumption — not a proven fact. Conspiracy theorists are asking to see the ballistics evidence.

Why no visible muzzle flashes?

According to Adams, none of the shooting videos show muzzle flashes from the room which allegedly was the shooting source. The sound is captured, yet no muzzle flashes are seen.

The Takeaway

Was Paddock a lone gunman or part of an elaborate, well-financed and organized conspiracy. No one knows for sure, so everyone needs to keep asking questions.