Over Murder TrialThe judge presiding over the armed robbery trial of O.J. Simpson warned potential jurors not to punish him over the 1995 criminal trial in which the former football star was acquitted of double-murder charges.

Judge Jackie Glass of Clark County in Las Vegas lectured a group of prospective jurors when they entered the court room in the first day of the robbery-kidnap trial.

“If you are here thinking you are going to punish Mr. Simpson for what happened in Los Angeles in 1995, this is not the case for you,” she said, according to the Associated Press. “If you’re looking to become famous because of your service in this case, write a book, then this is not the case for you.”

More than half of the original 500 prospects were eliminated after answering a questionnaire of 116 questions, AP reported.

Simpson, 61 and his co-defendant Clarence Stewart, 54, have been charged with robbing sports collectibles at a Las Vegas hotel last year. Prosecutors say Simpson and four other men robbed the collectibles at gunpoint.

Simpson has said the collectibles were stolen from him. He also maintains that he didn’t ask anyone to bring in guns and that he didn’t know anyone was carrying them.

Simpson has 12 charges pending against him, including felony kidnapping and armed robbery.