Murder suspect in Las VegasPolice say 36-year-old Mark Michael Ford is believed to have killed two individuals a week apart in February. The first incident is believed to have occurred on February 20th, a Tuesday. Investigators say they discovered the unresponsive female deceased at the 11000 block of Andorra Street after succumbing to gunshot wounds. The victim was later identified as 36-year-old Jessica Russo.

About five days later, on Sunday, a second victim was discovered suffering from gunshot wounds at the 7000 block of North Hualapai Way. The individual was quickly transported to the University Medical Center where he was pronounced deceased. Investigators confirmed that the two victims both knew each other, but they didn’t go into detail about the relationship the two had.

In a news release regarding the second discovery, police put out a message asking for the public’s help in finding Mark Michael Ford, who they believed was still in the Las Vegas area.

Sadly, this recent string of violence wasn’t the first time that Ford was accused of taking someone else’s life. A look into the suspect’s background revealed that on February 24, 2003, Ford broke into Vincent Gomes’ home and stabbed him in the neck. That incident resulted in a life sentence for Ford, with the eligibility for parole after 20 years. At some point, the Nevada Department of Corrections released Ford on parole.

Police are saddened to report that Ford was discovered deceased later on Sunday. While an investigation remains ongoing, initial reports suggest the death may have been a suicide.

Understanding Murder Charges

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