wife stabbed in vegasOn February 3rd, the Metropolitan Police Department was called out to a home on the 4900 block of Chantilly Avenue at around 1:30 A.M. Upon arriving to the house, police promptly discovered a woman who was suffering from multiple stab wounds. Tragically, the victim was declared deceased at the scene of the assault.

Officers discovered 53-year-old Moises Sanchez in the driveway of the home. Sanchez admitted to fatally stabbing his wife while she was in bed next to their 5-year-old child. Police immediately took the suspect into custody, and he’s being charged with open murder.

Sanchez admitted to authorities that he had been arguing with his wife for several months over alleged affairs. Sanchez also said that his wife’s lack of affection towards him is what eventually drove him over the edge to commit the murder. He reportedly came home on the night of the attack to find his wife in bed. He allegedly attempted to hug her several times from behind, but she pushed him away. At that point he admitted that he “lost it” and began stabbing her with a knife.

When he realized what he did, he moved his daughter to a new bed and called his cousin to admit what he had done. Then, he called the police.

Do You Have Questions About Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is an international issue that pervades every culture, race, and nation. While many domestic violence incidents involve male-female pairs, it is a genderless issue and can impact same-sex couples, family members, and even roommates without any blood relation. Living with someone else is difficult, and conflicts will inevitably arise as a part of life. If you or someone you know is involved in a domestic violence situation, then there is help for both parties. Take action before the situation progresses further.

If you have already experienced a domestic violence situation and been implicated in it, then do not lose hope. You can navigate your charges, learn coping skills, and continue to improve daily.

First, you need to be fully informed regarding your charges. You need to know the potential penalties associated with them and your legal options. Domestic violence is extremely serious, especially if it leads to a murder. Murder is the most serious crime that you can get charged with, and Las Vegas still allows for the death penalty in rare situations.

Depending on your situation, it might be possible to receive some leniency if you cooperate. That said, you should always consult with a criminal defense lawyer before entering into any plea or getting interrogated by the police. Here at LV Criminal Defense, our team of qualified lawyers can help you go over your charges, identify your best legal strategy, and help you get in contact with resources that can help you cope with the situation you’re going through.

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