Crime scene do not cross bannerA 24-year-old man was shot last week by two officers of the Metro Police, as he attacked them with a wrench and a screwdriver. The incident was revealed on Wednesday by the Metro Police through a video captured by a body camera.

According to Kevin McMahill, the Clark County Undersheriff, Abel Correa was holding the screwdriver and wrench in his hands; as he rushed out of the closet towards the two officers, who were investigating a vandalism complaint in the neighborhood. One of the officers told Correa to put his hands up, though Correa’s hands are not clearly visible in the clip. Officer Eli Prunchak and Officer Taylor fired at him six shots in total.

It was also revealed by McMahill that a series of police calls regarding the mental health of Correa were made by different people.

 Complaints such as slashing of neighborhood car tires; a call for help by Correa’s own mother as he was smashing home items, along with Correa’s paranoia that the neighbors were casting spells on him; and also the fact that Correa was hospitalized for an involuntary mental health evaluation.

On Friday, it was announced that Correa died in the hospital after the shooting, which took place in the same house where a court order had been issued against Correa on the complaint by his mother, to keep him away from the house.

Both Taylor and Prunchak are on a paid leave and will be able to rejoin once a thorough review of the shooting is completed. Collectively, they have a 31-year police force experience and one of them have previously been to Correa’s house due to a recent police call.

This incident is a testament to the difficulty the police face when dealing with people who are mentally unstable. “We, the system, often fail people who need critical services and don’t get them,” said McMahill.

A video was also shown by McMahill where Correa was doing some mischief by throwing an object to a neighbor’s house, as it went inside through the window and then ran away to his mother’s house. This video was captured by a neighbor who called the police and reported the incident. The object thrown was revealed to be a steel trailer hitch ball. No injuries were reported due to the incident though.

Correa’s mother had given the officers the permission to search the house when the incident happened. This was the seventh shooting this year, which involved the Metro Police.