mass stabbing Las Vegas stripAccording to initial reports, a 32-year-old man, later identified as Yoni Barrios, was near the 3100 block of Las Vegas Boulevard South at around 11:40 A.M. The man was reportedly armed with a large kitchen knife, but it’s unclear why he was carrying the weapon.

Suddenly without any provocation, Barrios allegedly stabbed someone. He then calmly proceeded to continue to walk down the sidewalk. Every time he came close enough to another person, he would stab them, too. Police say that both residents and tourists were targeted in the attack. Within moments, several individuals called 911.

Police quickly responded and apprehended the suspect. Police were able to recover the knife used in the stabbings from the suspect.

Upon arriving, one victim was already deceased at the scene. Another individual was declared deceased at the hospital. Three other injured individuals were hospitalized in critical condition, while three additional victims were hurt but in stable condition. The five victims are all recovered at University Medical Center.

Right now, the authorities are still investigating what happened. It seems the suspect’s motive is unknown, and the attack was completely unprovoked and sudden. It doesn’t seem like any one individual was targeted over the others, but some witnesses said that some of the victims appeared to be showgirls.

Violent Crime in Las Vegas: What You Need to Know

Nevada state still allows for capital punishment in murder cases where aggravating circumstances exist. In a situation like the one described above, prosecutors are likely to push for the death penalty. For one, this type of punishment is fitting for the type of crime committed. Murder is the most severe offense, so it makes sense that the penalty should also match the crime. For another, capital punishment will discourage any future attackers from considering committing a similar offense in the state.

Even if capital punishment isn’t sought out for a violent crime, the penalties will still be substantial. In Nevada, murder is a category A felony, which carries a potential life sentence in prison.

Have You Been Accused of a Violent Crime?

When you’ve committed a violent crime that’s led to substantial injury or a fatality, prosecutors are likely to push for a more significant punishment. Any jail or prison time you’re sentenced to is likely to be significant. You might also get sentenced to pay fines, serve out probation once you’re released from jail, and even attend mandatory court-ordered educational courses to address anger issues.

That’s not the end of your worries, either. Intentionally harming someone else opens you up to civil liability, too. You could get sued by the injured person and wind up being legally responsible for the financial losses they suffered, too.

If you’ve recently been arrested or accused of a violent crime in Las Vegas, then it’s advised that you consult with an attorney ASAP. Schedule a case evaluation with our attorneys now to learn more about your legal options moving forward.