Memorial day accident in Las VegasAccording to police, one man was discovered on May 25th at around 12:52 A.M. Metropolitan Police Officers said they found the deceased victim with a clear stab wound while they were patrolling a walking trail in the 2600 block of South Lamb Boulevard.

After having medical responders check on the victim, he was pronounced deceased at the scene. Right now, police are investigating what happened. If this stabbing wasn’t committed in self-defense, then the death could be charged as a criminal offense once police identify who was responsible.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only fatal incident that took place over the weekend. One day later, a crash on the 215 Beltway near Jones Boulevard was fatal for one woman and caused serious injuries for two others. According to police, a 2013 Kia Optima was spotted speeding down the road recklessly when it suddenly struck a 2022 Toyota Corolla. Both vehicles allegedly smashed into one another, began spinning in opposite directions, and stopped on opposite sides of the highway. Three individuals were taken to the hospital, where the driver of the Toyota was declared deceased.

On May 24th, the Friday before the weekend, a victim was left struggling with life-threatening injuries after a car intentionally struck them in downtown Las Vegas. Reports say that incident happened at around 5:45 P.M. in a neighborhood, and the incident has been deemed a “domestic dispute”. The other person involved was arrested and taken to jail.

On Memorial Day Monday, a 25-year-old pedestrian was walking around south Buffalo Drive at around 12:27 A.M. She crossed the road outside of a marked crosswalk when a 2022 Mazda CX-5 appeared. The victim was struck by the car and thrown onto the road. She was declared deceased at the scene. Right now, there appear to be conflicting stories as to what happened that night.

Some police officers claim that the pedestrian “darted” into the road directly in the path of the Mazda, while other officers are saying that the 30-year-old driver showed signs of impairment. The driver, Yaniv Herscovici, was arrested on DUI charges.

Circumstances When a Fatality is Also a Crime

Accidents happen every day in Vegas, but not all of them result in fatalities. When the person who caused the accident is acting willfully or with total disregard for anyone else’s safety, their actions might be considered criminal.

A few examples of this would be when a person gets behind the wheel of a car while drinking. Driving under the influence is considered a crime, even if a fatality doesn’t result from the behavior. It’s always a crime to willfully hurt or kill someone else unless you’re acting in self-defense, so a stabbing situation or intentionally striking someone with a car would both be considered crimes.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, then it’s important to know your options for defending yourself. Contact our legal defense team now to talk about your charges in more detail with our lawyers.