threatening US senatorWe can already see how that conflict is starting to impact Americans as one 43-year-old Las Vegas resident was recently arrested for threatening his U.S. Senator over their views on the ordeal. The U.S. Senator, Jacky Rosen, represents Nevada and has been vocal about her support of Israel in its war with Hamas. Senator Rosen also identifies as Jewish.

While her support for Israel is steadfast, she has also been vocal about her support for humanitarian aid going to the Palestinian people in Gaza. Just weeks ago, Senator Rosen and four other colleagues traveled to Israel to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other leaders of the Jewish state.

43-year-old John Anthony Miller apparently disagrees with the Senator’s support for Israel, and he’s made his views apparent by repeatedly calling the representative’s office. While all citizens have the right to voice their concerns and opinions to their representatives, there is some decorum that’s expected. It’s always a crime to threaten, harass, or commit a hate crime against someone else.

Miller appears to have crossed the line several times with his calls. He allegedly made phone calls between October 11 and October 19th, leaving threatening voicemails on several occasions. One message claimed that “we’re going to finish what Hitler started,” while another claimed that the senator’s “whole (profanity) family’s in danger.”

As if those threats weren’t enough, Miller reportedly showed up at the Lloyd D. George Courthouse on October 18th searching for the senator. He was denied entry into the courthouse, and he immediately started becoming aggressive. He was yelling, shouting profanities, and exclaiming that he promised to “kill every Israeli terrorist.”

As a result of his outburst and threats, he was arrested. He’s been charged with making threatening communications with the intent to interfere or intimidate a U.S. Senator.

Political Threats and Harassment

Politicians are placed in positions of power to help make decisions based on their constituent’s wishes and opinions. A politician’s actions and beliefs can’t always 100% match up to their base of supporters, though, and they almost never fully agree with everyone they represent.

Despite that, they still have the right to be free from harassment, threats, and violence as they perform their official duties.

If you’ve found yourself enraged by a politician’s actions or beliefs and that anger eventually led to your arrest, then it’s imperative that you hire a solid criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The right lawyer will help you understand what you’re getting charged with, how to defend yourself, and how to move forward after getting arrested.

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