Recently, law enforcement officers in New Mexico’s stopped a van that was wanted in connection with a kidnapping in Las Vegas and what they discovered was absolutely horrifying; inside the back of the van was a kidnapped Las Vegas female tightly bound with chains.

Needless to say she was terrified. The video relayed by the police shows a trembling female in sheer terror. When released all the woman could say was, “Oh my God, thank you.”  The relief on her face was clear. She had been through one terrifying ordeal. The woman told officers that the two suspects had violently dragged her from her home nearly 12 hours ago.

The story of her kidnapping goes back to more than 12 months of planning. The female had been stalked by an ex-boyfriend and his companion. At the right opportunity, they overpowered and dragged her away from her downtown apartment in Las Vegas in late January.

The two suspects, Jack William Morgan and his companion Samuel Brown, who identifies himself as a female and prefers to be called Sophie, have entered a not guilty plea to federal kidnapping charges. Both are awaiting trial later this year in Nevada.

Once the police had arrested the suspects, the suspect Morgan started to sing Amazing Grace while sitting in the rear of the police car. Brown was placed in the back of another police cruiser and told officer that ‘she’ was very frightened.

The criminal complaint shows that the police were called to the woman’s apartment after some nearby witnesses reported seeing a female wearing only undergarments being dragged across three flights of stairs; she had been bound and gagged. A witness told law enforcement that the female was put into a white van with Texas license plates. Inside the apartment, police found clothing items belonging to the victim; a stun gun and knife were also found near the entrance to the apartment. It was clear that there had been a struggle in the apartment.

It was Morgan’s cell phone location that led law enforcement to New Mexico where the van was stopped at midnight. Officers did report a female screaming for help while they asked Morgan and Brown to get out of the van.

The women told officers that duct tape had been placed on her face and neck and they attempted to hogtie her but she resisted. Morgan also choked the victim who has numerous bruises and cuts on her body.  A week prior to the kidnapping, Morgan had contacted the victim. Brown was the one who followed her to learn the location of her apartment. The kidnapped female told officers that Morgan wanted to take her to a cave and brainwash her so that she would become his wife.