Abby Martin speaking in Las VegasA stunning account of harassment and intimidation of an independent journalist and news organization has been released today which claims that a committee acting on behalf of Senator Rand Paul threatened to arrest and suspend/cancel the press credentials of a journalist who asked the Senator a series of tough questions.

In an interview with Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change, independent journalist and RT news reporter Abby Martin of described a month long ordeal that started a week after the release of a video of Luke and Abby confronting the senator with questions any real journalist should take the time to ask.

The RT office where Abby works was contacted shortly after the release of the confrontation video by the Senate Media Relations Committee who were apparently acting on behalf of Senator Rand Paul.

According to the testimony, the Senate Media Relations Committee literally phoned the RT office and threatened Abby with arrest by Capital police as well as the removal of her press credentials.

After repeated requests, Abby was then forced into a meeting with the bureau chiefs of CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and others who integrated her as to what actually happened that allowed Luke and herself to confront Rand in the first place.

This outright intimidation of a legitimate journalist asking REAL questions is absolutely disgusting and just goes to show how far gone this country actually is.

Abby: “At this point I’m just going to come out with the story because i think people need to know who still think that Rand Paul somehow has to make deals for him to play the long game so he can do good things later, no hes a saleout to the Republican establishment and is underhandedly trying to intimate journalists who confront him about selling out.”

Luke: “This is a US Representative, a representative of the people, trying to arrest and fire a journalist for asking legitimate questions.

Its pretty insane to have Rand Paul, Mr Libertarian himself use the full might of any rules and regulations he could throw at you to try and intimidate you.”