Vegas Defense Lawyer Explains Contributory Delinquency
VATICAN CITY, ROME – The Vatican is being exposed for what it is: the most criminal organization in existence, responsible for more than 10 million crimes worldwide. Now evidence has just surfaced from a pederast priest Patrizio Poggi who is serving time for his crimes, whereby he details the Vatican prostitution ring.
Quick Overview of the Vatican Rent Boy [Child Prostitute] Scandal:
  • Name of Whistleblower: Patrizio Poggi –  a convicted sex-abuse “priest” who served 5-year sentence
  • Discloses the names of about 20 persons involved
  • Italian authorities formally investigating at least 3 individuals (ex-cop, manager of model agency, parish accountant)
  • Italian ex-policeman pimped teenage boys for at least 9 clergymen
  • Clergymen hired rent-boys for sex on church premises or inside churches in Rome
  • Ex-policeman sold “consecrated hosts” [Novus Ordo] for satanic rituals
  • Ring includes 10-20 pedophile churchmen, including monsignor & secretary to bishop
  • Poggi provided video, photo, and documentary evidence to support his claims
  • Poggi was accompanied by former prostitute & 2 Vatican clerics (including Mgr. Luca Lorusso) confirming his testimony
  • Not surprising, Cardinal Agostino Vallini, Vicar General of Rome, rejects claims made by Poggi since the organization known as the Catholic Church is a master at covering up and denying their crimes.
We are living historic times whereby the Vatican (the Catholic Church) will go up in flames any minute now, as the prophesies foretold. She is the Great Harlot spoken of in the bible who fornicates with the kings of this world (presidents, governments) to cover up her crimes since they are so drunken with her wine (evil), all for money and power. But the Man Christ Jesus (Jose Luis De Jesus) is here on Earth, unmasking the great harlot, since it is written that the Vatican would be left desolate before her final destruction. Any day now, we can expect to see the final and total destruction of the Catholic Church, mother of all abominations on Earth.