robbery in downtown Las VegasOn November 25, a man was transported to the hospital after sustaining injuries in a hit-and-run accident in North Las Vegas. Police were dispatched after reports of a shooting and a subsequent vehicle hitting a pedestrian, according to police spokesman Alexander Cuevas.

It was later discovered that the victim was attempting to chase down individuals who had purportedly “robbed” him when a vehicle that was not involved in the robbery struck him.

That vehicle left the scene of the accident. Nothing more is known at this time about the robbers or the hit-and-run driver. The victim is expected to survive.

How is Robbery Defined in Nevada?

While this incident was reported in the press as a robbery, the term robbery is often used loosely to describe things that would otherwise legally be considered burglary or larceny. Contrary to its typical use, you cannot “rob” a residence or business. You can’t even rob an individual unless there is an element of force, violence, or fear.

The crime of robbery has specific legal parameters. Under NRS 200.380, robbery is legally defined as the unlawful taking of personal property in that person’s presence by means of force, violence, or fear of injury. In the reported case, we are not sure if it was a robbery at all.

Keeping Safe in Las Vegas

While we know little about this individual, why he was chasing down “robbers” on foot with a gun in the middle of the day, or even a description of the hit-and-run vehicle, it does become incumbent on anyone on foot in Las Vegas to use safety precautions at all times.

Fortunately, because of our high degree of tourist volume, there is an extensive police presence in most parts of the city. But there are things that residents and visitors should always be aware of when walking our streets.

Common petty theft takes place frequently, often in the form of pickpockets and con artists. It is always important to keep watchful for those who bump into you or distractions used by would-be thieves to divert attention while stealing your personal possessions. Know where your valuables and money are at all times. It can be helpful to use Las Vegas’ crime mapping site to decide on areas to avoid for your safety.

Potential Penalties in the Reported Case

As for the reported robbery/hit-and-run, we need more information to know what really transpired on November 25th.

Robbery in Nevada is a serious offense and a Category B felony. Anyone charged with robbery can face between two and fifteen years in prison, as well as monetary fines and other penalties. A hit-and-run causing injuries or death is also considered a Category B felony. A defendant can face two to twenty years in prison, significant fines, and revocation of their driver’s license.

Las Vegas takes these crimes seriously, and law enforcement and prosecutors aggressively pursue convictions. Anyone facing these criminal charges needs to have a skilled criminal defense team on their side. At LV Criminal Defense, our experienced Las Vegas robbery defense lawyers work diligently to defend those who are facing criminal charges in our city.